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ant to absorb calcium required for strong, healthy
        bones to fight onset of osteoporosis.
        5.Carrots – Carrots are often considered outstand-
        ing foods for senior citizens. It is loaded with
        antioxidants and can slow down Alzheimer’s
        Disease. For those with chewing problems, it can
        be softened by steaming or boiling and mashed or
        can be used with curds in a dip form.
        6.Beetroot - Beetroot is one of the best ways to
        increase haemoglobin levels. It is not only high in
        iron content, but also folic acid along with potas-
        sium and fibre. It builds the heart health. Also
        for iron, one can include dates, cauliflower stalk
        which we generally discard, jaggery, Halim seeds
        (garden cress seeds).
        7.Nuts – A handful of nuts like walnuts, almonds,
        cashews, pistachios, peanuts, etc consumed daily
        could help build cardiovascular health as it is rich
        in Omega 3 fatty acids. For those with dentures,
        the nuts can be ground and powdered.
        8.Dairy - low-fat or fat-free milk, yogurt, cottage
        cheese provide oodles of protein and calcium
        punch in every serving.
        9.Fish – Fish like salmon, mackerel, and sardines
        are high in Omega-3 fatty acids and should be
        included in the diet plan at least two servings a
        10.Whole grains – Grains like whole wheat, millet,
        rye, cracked wheat, barley, quinoa, etc increase
        fiber intake, lowers blood pressure, provides im-
        portant vitamins, reduces high cholesterol, keeps
        blood sugar regulated.
        The right dietary choices can pep up a senior’s
        health and prevent a host of serious conditions.
        The most important thing is that there should
        be small and frequent meals, they cannot have a
        big meal at one particular time. Generally, peo-
        ple have three meals a day, but for senior citizens
        something can be given every two to three hours.
        Do not skip breakfasts. Make small changes from
        today and incorporate these food items to ensure
        you lead a healthy life and don’t let age come in
        the way of your happiness as age is just a number.

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