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                                           Start the day right

                                      Why is breakfast so important for the elderly?
                                                     Susan Itty explains

        Come 60, and our mind dolorously veers to-            whole eggs instead of just egg whites.
        wards the sunset years, the downslide and the         Oatmeal: Oatmeal is an excellent breakfast food
        degeneration. But why let those dark thoughts         for seniors because it is fairly inexpensive, easy
        hover around. Make some smart, simple moves           to chew, easy to prepare, nutrient dense and
        to swing into your sixties and seventies. The         high in fibre. Low-fibre diets are a main cause of
        buzz word is breakfast. Start with some whole-        constipation in older adults. Seniors are encour-
        some, nutritious breakfast and watch yourself         aged to consume at least 30 grams of fibre.
        happily whirl all day.                                Soft Fresh Fruits: Fresh fruits are excellent
         Older adults often consume less food at one          sources of dietary fibre and vitamins for seniors.
        sitting, so eating breakfast helps ensure an          Soft fresh fruits that are easy to chew and swal-
        adequate intake of calories, vitamins, and min-       low include bananas, papaya, pureed apple, etc.
        erals throughout the day. Older adults may have       Sprinkle sliced soft fruits on top of regular oat-
        a difficult time consuming adequate nutrition         meal or breakfast cereal like ragi, rava prepared
        due to decreased absorption efficiency or high        with low-fat milk or soya milk.
        cost of healthy foods. Therefore, seniors are at
        an increased risk for malnutrition, which can          Smoothies: High-protein smoothies make a
        decrease their quality of life. Inexpensive, soft,    quick breakfast for seniors, don’t require chew-
        easy-to-prepare breakfast foods are ideal for         ing and are easy to prepare using a blender.
        seniors.                                              Ingredients commonly used in breakfast protein
                                                              smoothies include low-fat milk or soya milk,
        What comprises a good breakfast?                      low-fat yogurt or soya yogurt, soft fruits and
        Eggs: Eggs make an excellent breakfast food for       peanut butter.
        seniors. Older adults require more protein to
        ward off muscle loss that commonly occurs as           Idli and dosa is said to be light as it contains no
        you age. Eggs are rich in protein, easy to prepare    fats, saturated fats or cholesterol. For the small-
        and economical, making for an excellent break-        scale wonder, idli packs a good punch of protein,
        fast food for older adults. Moderation is still       fibre and carbohydrates. In a single idli, you
        the key but it’s no longer necessary to restrict      would consume 2 grams of protein, 2 grams of
        cholesterol intake. This means seniors can enjoy      dietary fibre and 8 grams of carbohydrates.
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