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                                                                                        Sex @ Sixty

                                                                               When it comes to getting cosy,
                                                                             age is definitely not a hindrance,
                                                                                              writes Senor Dey

        Indian mythology and history are full of gods,        for younger people. Sex may be a challenge
        kings having multiple wives starting from Raja        over the age of sixty. The obvious causes being
        Dasharath. Much before the world woke up              menopause, erectile dysfunction, medical issues,
        to the joy of sex, India had rishi Vatsyayana         and other hormonal changes. Unless there are
        who wrote the Kama Sutra, the ancient Indian          medical issues, hurdles are surmountable, and
        Sanskrit text on sexuality, eroticism and             all one needs is the desire.
        emotional fulfillment. Historians have placed it
        between 400 BCE and 300 CE.                           Affection
         There is also the Khajuraho group of temples         The first requirement for sex is affection. Every
        in the central part of India. They were built         couple has their own process/ways/methods
        together between 950 and 1050 CE but                  of being affectionate with each other. Naughty
        dedicated to two religions, Hinduism and              jokes, caresses and flirtation can make each
        Jainism, suggesting a tradition of acceptance         other feel special. The good news is that couples
        and respect for diverse religious views among         who show affection are more likely to have a
        Hindus and Jains in the region. No other proof        romp in the hay.
        is required of India’s superior intellect and
        thinking.                                             Patience
         Surprisingly, there is much stigma attached          A sexual response may take longer, and your
        to older people enjoying a healthy sex life. The      body may not be exactly following your brain’s
        word boodha, tharki (lecherous), almost makes
        sexual desire out to be something wrong. There
        are enough surveys that say contradictory
        things about sex in the senior community.
        Most medical surveys suggest that sex is
        important for our well being. Having sex
        releases chemicals in your brain and body that
        improves your well being, protects your health,
        and keeps you happy. It also puts a spring in
        your walk. Above all, sex is not just an activity
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