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desires (the mind is willing, but the flesh is not).   So why is it unfathomable to think that you
        With the help of a therapist, one can use creams,     can’t also enjoy sex as well as other sporting
        tablets that can help the physical process. It is     activities such as hiking, trekking, golf, walking,
        an unspoken notion that Indian women lose             including regular exercise and a good diet?
        interest in sex after the age of 50, whereas this
        is not the case with Indian men. Affection            Get on with it
        and patience go a long way in getting things          Indians are embarrassed by their sexuality; this
        going with a focus on closeness, tenderness,          can be due to a popular cultural notion of who
        and contact. Sex can do wonders for your              should be having sex. Television and movies
        physical and mental well-being -- think of it as      do little to promote a healthy sex life in older
        essential for good health, and the rest follows.      people; in fact, popular media often denigrates
        Women suffer a loss of libido due to ageing and       senior sex. Coupled with the fact that the lack
        hormonal changes such as lack of estrogen.            of freedom and other family pressures do not
        However, dietary changes and variation in your        allow seniors to enjoy sex despite being healthy
        exercise regimen can help as well as herbal           and active. By and large Indian men after sixty
        medical assistance.                                   are still adventurous in finding sex partners
                                                              other than their wives (no wonder flights to
        Prioritise her pleasure                               Bangkok are always sold out).
        Men don’t care so much about their orgasms
        because they are pretty much inevitable.
        However, a fair amount of women say that they
        don’t usually climax during sex. Hence it needs
        to be said that “getting her off” becomes just as
        important for male sexual satisfaction as it does
        for women. Cheesy as it sounds, creating an
        appropriate ambience with fragrance, flowers,
        music and lights can turn each other on and set
        the mood. Don’t restrain yourself from getting
        naughty. The internet is a vast and varied
        library of all things sexual, and Google can
        provide many answers to any sex questions.
                                                              Finally affection
                                                               As the years pass by, many couples feel that
                                                              the key to a good relationship is affection.
                                                              Being affectionate can be as much fulfilling as
                                                              the naked act. Even if it doesn’t get you all the
                                                              way and you don’t get instant returns, it will
                                                              certainly reduce the stress of the day and put
                                                              you in a good mood with each other, and that is
                                                              good for both in the long run.

                                                              Do you have any suggestions or any sex tips that
                                                              you would like to pass on to our readers?
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        Living healthier                            
         With advances in health and science, the
        quality of life has improved. This generation of
        sixty plus is living a healthier and longer life.
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