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Incontinence and Iatrogenic disorders.
        The risk of falls in seniors is very high and
        prevention of falls requires supervision.
        Falls can be caused by diminishing vision,
        osteoporosis, loss of strength, and medication,
        among other things. Fractures seriously
        impact an aged person, leading to a downward
        spiral. Pain management is another area that
        requires geriatric care.

        What is often more worrying than physical                     Finance is a crucial area for seniors
        health among seniors is mental health.
        Dementia and depression are mental                         Some of the above applies more to seniors
        conditions more frequently seen as people                  living in urban areas who would have
        live longer. Alzheimer’s Disease is the                    worked in the organised sector and can
        most common type of dementia which                         avail of retirement benefits. However,
        affects memory, language, and thought.                     the vast majority in rural areas would
        All these conditions require intervention                  have worked in the unorganised sector
        and psychological consultation as early as                 and have no recourse to benefits in
        possible. Caring for seniors with mental                   later life. They are therefore much more
        health problems can be very stressful and                  dependent on family members. For them,
        demanding.                                                 the government has to step in to provide
        Finance is another crucial area for seniors who            pensions and other benefits.
        have normally retired from an active working               As younger people get more and more
        life. To enjoy a financially comfortable post-             caught up in their own lives, seniors
        retirement life, it is necessary in India to start         find themselves increasingly alone. It
        planning your finances from the time you                   is important that they maintain social
        start earning. High inflation levels mean that             contact with family and friends in order
        the money you have saved can be less than                  to prevent depression and isolation.
        sufficient to lead a good life. It is therefore            Seniors should also be encouraged to take
        essential to take good advice from experts                 up part-time work or involve themselves
        and make up a savings plan. Life and health                in community activities if they are mobile.
        insurance, children’s education schemes and
        saving for medical emergencies are other areas
        to consider. It is also a good idea to make a will
        and maintain a record of financial investments
        and passwords so that in the event of serious
        illness or demise, family members have easy
        access to this information.

                                                                 Seniors should take up part-time work

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