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Beautiful people of Namibia

        your own. From my countless visits, I have           I was back in the concrete urban jungles of
        grown with several generations of                    Mumbai. In city traffic, I would gaze out of my
        tigers. I know when a new litter is born, I          car window, watching the world, but still not
        know their names, I see them grow, from little  taking in anything. A part of my heart now
        cubs to fierce beasts. I have seen tigresses         belonged to the wild and it was the wild that I
        teach their little ones to hunt, to fight, to stay   longed to recreate.
        alive.                                               So I slowly developed yet another passion –
        The wild teaches many lessons. I have                meditation. To be quiet when all the world
        travelled with my grandchildren to different         was moving. To be silent in the midst of noise.
        African and Indian  wildlife reserves so that        To feel silence......
        they can learn nature’s lessons. And through         I meditate daily, just when I wake, for about
        our visits, I have been able share and cultivate     20-30 minutes. And I know that meditation
        in them a love and respect for the wild.             will be instrumental in my life going forward.

                                                             I urge everyone reading this, young or old,
        My Silent Side/ My Peace Side                        to inculcate this practice from our ancient

        As I spent more and more time in the nature,         customs as through this, one can be truly at
        I realised it had a deep and nurturing impact        peace.
        on my soul. The more time I spent away from          As I grow older, I am realising that I am still
        crowds and people, the more I realised how           discovering new passions within myself. I am
        this was food for the soul. Being away from          still learning new things, trying new things,
        crowds, noises, telephones, started appealing        doing new things.
        to me in a way it had not when I was younger.
                                                             But I have found myself.
        And I had another epiphany: being in the wild        And that is the greatest gift any side of sixty.
        recharged me when I was tired and lonely. It
        recharged my soul. It was magic for my heart.
        It was my meditation. I felt at peace with the
        world. I began to long for that silence when

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