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Listed here are some things that can be put in place

                to safeguard the life and property of seniors.

          •Formulation of senior citizens security cells and dedicated senior citizens toll-free helplines.
          •Police stations should have comprehensive documentation of all senior citizens in its area
          whether living alone or in joint families and a mechanism to provide prompt assistance.
          •Regular visits by constables to the residence of the elderly and patrolling both during daytime
          and night, to provide a feeling of security to the elderly.
          •Police registration and check of domestic help hired by senior citizens who are living alone.
          •Security guards verification by the police.
          •Installation of security systems for added safety.
          •Regular interaction between senior citizens of the area and the police.
          •Seniors should be registered in a hospital nearby with a mechanism for prompt assistance
          and for alerting family during an emergency.
          •Fast-track courts for complaints of abuse of or crimes against seniors.

          Seniors can contribute to their own safety if they follow some dos & don’ts.
          •Make a note of the phone numbers of police stations, hospitals, fire stations, family doctor’s
          number or emergency medical services and special helpline numbers.
          •If living alone, notify your neighbours and also the manager of your housing society.
          •Never leave your doors unlocked and ensure security measures in the home.
          •Ask for proper identification from delivery persons or claims to be from a utility company or
          other local business and cross check in case of doubt.
          •Do not give out personal information to anyone who calls you, especially bank account or
          credit card information.
          •Never give out information over the phone indicating you are alone or that you won’t be home
          at a certain time.
          •Do not keep a lot of cash/jewellery/valuables at home.
          •Never leave spare keys or even the original keys in the open.
          •Employ staff only after verifying antecedents with the nearest police station.

          Finally, every person is different and every person handles ageing in their own way. However,
          one’s attitude to life contributes to the quality of one’s later years. Approaching senior years
          with positivity, foresight and discipline can lead to a happy and contented older life. As Henry
          David Thoreau said, “None are so old as those who have outlived enthusiasm.” It is up to each
          individual to decide how old he or she wishes to be.

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