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singer, I should be treated cautiously. But            crazy? The song was good enough as it was
        after I recorded for him, he showed absolute           recorded initially.”
        confidence in me. In Barsaat, I ended up               When I heard this, I wept. Then there was
        singing for all the female characters. But I           a classical musician who maligned me to
        must tell you that I would have a fight with           his heart’s content. I treated some music
        Raj saab during every film, for one reason or          directors, lyricists, producers and directors
        another.                                               like my brothers. But they all maligned me.

        Like?                                                  So, I decided to stop attending functions, I
        Koi aisa waisa gana aa jaye to main unse               stopped talking excessively which was a habit
        ladhne lagti thi. I used to quarrel with               with me. I would say things in jest. But my
        Jaikishen also about such songs.                       words would be misinterpreted and distorted.
                                                               Who needs this? I thought. That’s why I
        Budhha mil gaya from Sangam, for
        instance?                                              prefer staying at home with my family. Now
        Yes, they convinced me that the girl in                if I’m called arrogant and unsociable I don’t
                                                               care. If I worry about what people have to say,
        Sangam is newly married and she’s teasing              then it wouldn’t be possible to continue living.
        her husband. Hota tha aise hi kuchh kuchh.
                                                               Yash Chopra called you the most influential
        Were you friendly with any of the heroines             Indian of this century.
        for whom you sang?
        I was quite close to Nargisji. Also Meena              I sang for B.R. Chopra and Yashji for the first
        Kumari and Madhubala. I’m told that in her             time for Ek Hi Raasta. Hemant Kumar had
        contracts Madhubala would stipulate that               given the music. At that time, I knew Yashji
        only I would sing for her. I share a cordial           vaguely. When the two brothers separated
        relationship with Saira Banu to this day. Jaya         I received Laxmikant-Pyarelal’s message
        Bachchan is another favourite. I remember              to sing for Daag. I got to know that Yashji
        during the making of Abhimaan, she would               always wanted me to sing in his films. When
        sit and watch me sing. I used to wonder why.           he called me didi for the first time I was taken
        Then I saw the film. During the songs, she             aback. Then we became family. I miss him.
        dressed and behaved like I do during my                Before Chandni, there were strong rumours
        recordings.                                            that my voice had deteriorated. Actually
        Why have you been called an aloof,                     I’d fallen ill. Yashji had to shoot the song
        arrogant and ruthless professional? How                with a substitute voice. Then I got Yashji’s
        and why did this image come about?                     urgent message, saying that I had to dub my
        Do you want to know why people are nervous             songs immediately or it would be too late.
        of me? There’s a saying that if someone burns          Reluctantly, I dubbed for Mere haathon mein
        his mouth drinking milk, he even tries to cool         nau nau chudiyan hain. I wasn’t satisfied with
        down chhach before drinking it. In the past,           my rendition at all. But he said I was fine.
        I loved to laugh and make people laugh. I              Since Chandni, I’ve sung for all his films.
        used to bring chocolates to the recordings and
        share them with everyone. People exploited             Any unfulfilled wish?
        my friendly nature. They maligned my name.             None at all. God has given me more than I
        Once, a well-known recordist kept me back              deserve.
        to record a small interlude in a song till late        Your message to your fans?
        at night. Only his assistant, my sister and            Main itna hi kahungi ke mujhe unka
        I were at the studio, the others had left. He          ashirwad hamesha milte rahe. Main hamesha
        kept making me sing the small interlude                waisi hi rahun jaisa who chahte hain.
        repeatedly. After a couple of days, I heard that
        he was telling people, “See how I drove Lata

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