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Some people praise me to the skies and
        criticise me the minute my back is turned.
        I made Hridayanath listen to my Jiya jale.
        He liked it very much. I’ve always been very
        particular about songs that I sing for him. At
        times, I even get angry at his exacting ways.
        I feel the way you sang for Madan Mohan was

        His compositions were like that. But no                        ‘God has given me more than I deserve’
        matter whom I’ve sung for, I’ve tried to give          would continue to talk loudly till the weak
        my very best. If I feel I can’t do justice to a        spots in his song were over. If one doesn’t like
        song, I opt out. If composers can’t wait for me        one’s own song, there’s turmoil within oneself.
        to give my best, then they’re free to get their        If I’m not satisfied with a song I’ve recorded, I
        song recorded by someone else. I’m told that           can’t sleep that night.
        some singers criticise composers on their face.
        I could never ever do that.                            Which songs haven’t you been satisfied
        You sang for Twinkle Khannna in Jab                    Offhand, I can’t recall any. But there are songs
        Pyaar Kisise Hota Hai. You sang for her                which the music composers and listeners have
        mother Dimple Kapadia debut in Bobby. I                liked. But I’ve felt that I didn’t do full justice
        have a feeling you’ll be singing for Dimple’s          to them.
        granddaughter after we’re all gone.
        (Laughs) Then who’ll listen to my songs? I             Your songs for the films of Raj Kapoor are
        don’t remember if I’ve sung for Shobhana               timeless. What it was like working with him?
        Samarth but I’ve sung for Nutan, Tanu and              His style of working was unique. With him
        Kajol. You’ll be surprised, but recently I             around, there would be unforeseen tension.
        saw an old film on television located in the           Sometimes, he’d come on the sets and change
        Arabian desert. I was surprised to see myself          the entire song. Since he was a musician
        singing for Ruby Myers (Sulochana)! I didn’t           himself, he knew exactly what he wanted.
        even know the song. But I said, chalo if I’ve          When he wanted a hit song he’d say he
        sung for her as well, toh bahut badi baat hai.         wanted a popatiya number. But personally I
        When I was a child, I used to run off to see her       feel that Shankar-Jaikishen gave better music
        films.                                                 outside Raj Kapoor’s films. For Raj Kapoor,
                                                               they had to work within prescribed limits.
        How do you feel when you hear your own
        songs?                                                 Raj Kapoor and you started your careers,
        I always find faults with my singing. If I don’t       as singer and director, almost together,
        like what I’ve sung, I put my fingers in my            didn’t you?
        ears and run away.                                     No. When he made Aag (1949), I was doing
                                                               bit roles in films. I hadn’t started singing
        You know what (the renowned classical                  professionally. I sang for him, starting with
        singer) Bade Ghulam Ali Khan said about                his second film Barsaat.
        you, don’t you (“Kambakht, kabhi besura
        gaati hi nahin hai!”)?                                 Ram Ganguly (who composed for Aag)
        (Laughs shyly) Yeh unka badappan tha. He               was supposed to do the music for Barsaat.
        was a very great singer. I truly admire him.           Shankar-Jaikishan were Ganguly’s assistants,
        Believe me, I always find faults in my singing,        they’d composed some of his songs. Raj
        Once, Kishore Kumar told me that if he heard           Kapoor wanted to use them instead. Jiya
        people listening to his songs, he would start          beqaraar hai was my first song for R.K. Raj
        speaking loudly to distract their attention. He        saab would joke that since I’m a classical

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