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San Miguel Allende

                                                                From Mexico City we drove down to San
                                                                Miguel Allende. It was an enjoyable 2.5-hour
                                                                drive. The Rosewood hotel is a lovely hotel.
                                                                The view from the terrace at sunset was a sight
                                                                to behold. San Miguel is like an old European
                                                                town in Mexico. The brightly coloured walls of
                                                                the houses and the various styles of architec-
                                                                ture are an attractive sight to behold. The road
                                                                undulations remind one of Porto (in Portugal)
                                                                & San Francisco. A guided walking tour of the
                                                                city is essential to appreciate the charm of this

                                                                We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to… a nearly
                                                                400-year-old house, now renamed Casa
                                                                Dragone, after it was bought by a Tequila
                                                                company Dragone. A visit to Fabrica La Auro-
                                                                ra is a must. It is an old textile mill converted
                                                                into a contemporary art and design shopping
                                                                space. One would get to see and purchase some
                                                                interesting art and artifacts mostly by Mexi-
                                                                can artisans, as well as many clothing labels
                                                                by Mexican designers. The Sistine Chapel was
                                                                also fascinating.

                                                                We had dinner in the courtyard of Casa Nene
                                                                hotel. It is a remarkable place and the food is

           Charming streets invite one to stroll

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