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beautifully orchestrated ballet, showcasing
        a lot of Mexican folklore in form of dance.
        We also watched a Mexican version of WWE
        Wrestling Match, which is very popular
        entertainment for the locals. However, it was
        avoidable if one is not interested in wrestling.

        Fond of art? Visit the Dolores Olmeda mu-
        seum to see some of Diego Rivera’s works.
        The Carlos Slim museum has predominantly
        European art is worth a visit. The highlight
        of our stay at Mexico City was a visit to Frida
        Kahlo’s house, now converted to a museum.
        The entire area  ( Coyoacan )around the mu-
        seum is a lovely. A tram ride with colourful
        buildings and interesting architecture and
        bits of history to nibble upon. It is recom-
        mended to watch her movie before going

        Polanco is the area for luxury shopping in
        Mexico city. Getting around the city is rea-
        sonable by taxis. If you are in a small group,        Mesmerising folkloric ballet
        luxury tourist vans are great option for
        groups of 6 – 8 people.

               The Sun pyramid has 324 steps

               that are very steep but climbable.

                                                              Imbibe art and history at the museum

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