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First Person


        Myself in the Wild

                                                                  River crossing during the wildebeest migration

        Urvi Piramal on her romance with the camera, her love for travel and how spending time in nature
        had a deep and nurturing impact on her soul.

        When I hit 60, a lens shifted.                        My bond with photography was an old one

        As I entered my seventh decade, I pondered            – one which brought back memories of my
        my life. Where had it gone? What had I                father bundled over his prized Rolleiflex.
        achieved? What did I have to show for my              Due to my love of travelling, something my
        sixty years on earth? And most importantly,           children and grandchildren often make fun of,
        what really mattered?                                 I was able to fully develop an appreciation for
        I felt like I had tumbled out of my life and          the camera and my passion for photography.
        tumbled into someone else’s. I thought of             Through my lens I like to capture photos of
        my life – my trials, my tribulations, my joys,        vast landscapes, old monuments, unusual
        my happiness. I could see myself, clearly, in         birds, colourful streets. In fact I like to
        all my different forms – a girl to two caring         capture anything beautiful that will take me
        and loving parents, middle sibling to an              back to those places and help me share those
        older sister and a younger brother, a young           moments with my family and friends.
        bashful bride, soon mother of three, single
        mother, a cancer survivor, a businesswoman,           My Wild Side
        a grandmother of six …                                But above all, my favourite thing to shoot is

        It was me and yet it wasn’t me. I was all of that
        and more. The parts of the sum were greater
        than the sum.  It was like a lens readjusting
        from this side of sixty …

        A different view

        And it was around then that I literally decide
        to look through a different perspective: that
        of an observer, silent, reflecting – not just
        through my eyes, but through the lens of a

                                                                                   SENIORS TODAY | Volume 1 | Issue 1
                                                                Majestic sand dunes of Namibia
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