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         Yoga for Life

         If you wish to try a new workout, let your body guide you,
         writes Yoga trainer Fatema Rajkotwala in the first of a
         three-part series

        We are an old culture, rich and brimming with          ents are living ailment-free, with a sharp mem-
        traditions and ancient wisdoms that have at-           ory because they live basically disciplined lives
        tracted people from far corners of the globe.          where routine and light daily physical work is
        In today’s globalised India, we are pleasantly         part of their schedule.
        walking hand-in-hand with westernisation as
        well as finally embracing and respecting Yoga          The upsetting reality is that a majority of our
        practices as a form of healthy living.                 seniors are sliding down holes of depression
                                                               caused due to possible family neglect, loneli-
        But while more of the youth and children               ness, retirement or a loss of sense of purpose,
        are thankfully getting drawn to Yoga, either           productivity, identity and therefore
        through the lure of Instagram-worthy pictures          stress-induced depression and anxiety.
        or school-enforced curriculum, I sometimes
        watch bystanding seniors in gardens and parks,         Being born and raised in the old part of South
        wondering: Is Yoga meant for me at this age?           Mumbai, I’ve grown up with more senior citi-
        Can’t I just meditate and do pranayams and             zens around me as neighbours than people my
        powerful breathing exercises? This is my age to        age and I would enjoy spending time with them,
        take it easy, spend time with my grandchildren,        listening to their invaluable experiences. As life
        vacation… should I even be doing the very stren-       would have it, after I trained in teaching Yoga,
        uous Surya Namaskars and Headstands?                   many of my clients have been seniors and this
                                                               helped me understand their requirements and
        These are all valid doubts. What adds to               attitudes better. While there is much to admire
        these justifications and the confusion is when         and respect about our elders, I did feel that at
        conflicting information on social media and            times our society tends to lay too much em-
        through our overzealous WhatsApp groups                phasis on ‘knowing’ things and focuses less on
        tells our senior population to give in to their        application.
        weaknesses and onsetting pains. Our govern-
        ment is working hard to set an example and             It is horrifying how hospitals are now giving
        encourage Yoga for all. Remember, elsewhere            package deals on knee replacement surgeries,
        in the world, people don’t easily consider them-       diabetes is starting earlier in youth and yet our
        selves old until well over 70. There are many          elders get trapped in the Gyaan and Bhakti part
        shining examples of families where grandpar-           of our tradition while ignoring that an uncom-

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