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        The ABC of Acidity

        It starts as a simple problem but has the potential to get out of hand.

        The good news, writes Dr Prasanna Shah, is that acidity can be dealt with easily

        It often starts with an unfamiliar feeling of          glands in the stomach produce hydrochloric
        burning discomfort moving from the stomach             acid, a strong acid that helps break down and
        to the chest, eventually creeping to the throat.       digest the food we eat. It activates important
        Many people experience a sour tasting acid in          enzymes and hormones, and protects against

        the mouth (reflux), nausea, belching and heavi-        bacterial overgrowth in the gut. The lining of
        ness every time they have a meal. We’re talking        the stomach is specially adapted to protect it
        about acidity, a growing problem so common             from this powerful acid, but the oesophagus
        that everyone has experienced one or more of           is not protected. You experience symptoms of

        these symptoms at some point of time or the            acidity when there is an excess production of
        other. Harvard Medical School has acknowl-             acid by the gastric glands of the stomach—the
        edged acid reflux as the most common digestive         acid and undigested food flows back into the
        malady.  But in India, you can blame it on your        oesophagus and mouth, irritating the food pipe,

        spicy, oily, unhealthy yet impossible-to-say-no-       causing heartburn. This can also cause ulcers
        to delicious Indian food or simply attribute it        and cancer in the long run.
        to bad lifestyle and habits. It starts as a simple     Watch out
        problem but has the potential to get out of hand.      If you think you suffer from acidity, watch

        The good news is that acidity can be dealt with        out for these symptoms. Burning sensation or
        easily.                                                heaviness after every meal, sour belching or
        What is acidity?                                       regurgitation, where you can taste the
        There are tonnes of digestive health problems.         sour-bitter tasting acid in your mouth, indiges-

        But Acidity, Bloating and Constipation, con-           tion, discomfort moving from the stomach to the
        stitute the ABC of digestive problems, making          chest and throat. While it is easy to temporarily
        acidity the most common issue. The gastric             quell acidity by popping an antacid, remember,

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