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Weekly Predictions – 5th to 11th February 2024 By Chirag Daruwalla


Aries Ganesha says this may be a troublesome week for you and you may not have sufficient support to finish your activities. Lots of resistance will be in your way. Business people may have intense rivalry consistently throughout this week. Builders or other contractual laborers may strive for funds. Students may get average results for their performance. They lack confidence in facing the tests. Children may enjoy journeys to beautiful locations. They may fall in love with a colleague or classmate. A spouse may have a wavering mind during this week. He/she may be worried about prospects. Father will enjoy success in his professional matters. He may get huge margins in business activities. Elder siblings may succeed in higher education. Younger siblings may have illicit relations in the neighborhood. They may escape from an accident.


 Ganesha says this might be a supporting week for you. There will be the accessibility of assets on advances to meet your requirements. You may get attractive returns for your investments. There might be an adjustment like your work at the workplace. You may have to face testing circumstances among colleagues. Students may have full faith in their presentations. Children may enjoy financial prosperity after persistent efforts. A spouse may be interested about work in abroad. He/she may be dissatisfied with the current financial status. Fathers may have acceptable results in a careers. He may get trustworthy information about his promotion. Elder siblings may indulge in an accident. Younger siblings may acquire conveyance for finance.


Gemini Ganesha says this may be an unproductive week for you. There may be a lot of obstacles in your proceedings. You may not be able to finish your assignments because of numerous distractions. Troubles in my personal life will affect my career. You should strictly avoid speculative activities throughout this week. Students may try to control over anxiety and prepare for a tough exam. Children may have indifferent health during this week. They may suffer from sharp fevers or lack of energy. A spouse may have a substantial gain in trade or business. He/she may plan for expansion. Father will have a thorough change in career by the end of this week. He may find employment in a distant place. Elder siblings may start a new business. Younger siblings may sign new contracts.


Cancer Ganesha says this may be an unpleasant week for you. The majority of planets in ascendant may cause a wavering mind. You may not be able to perform your plans in any sphere of life. You may be reluctant about the possible damage in your career. You should strictly verify your activities to vouch against discrepancies. You may prefer to take a long leave for refreshment. Students may get medium results for their performance. Children may have grand success in higher education. They may prefer marriage from this week onwards. A spouse may have different business plans. He/she should be careful in selecting business partners. Father may taste huge losses in speculation. He may have evil thoughts to manipulate his duties. Elder siblings may have positive changes in business or jobs. Younger siblings will have all-round success in life.


Leo Ganesha says this might be a testing week for you. Superiors may consign gigantic assignments for you. You may have extreme pressure for the completion of a complex activity. Anxiety may bring about physical weakness. You ought to check the liver functioning in the body. Students may get decent results for their hard work. Children may enjoy financial affluence. They should give top priority to health issues. Spouses will have positive happenings in a career. He/she may be fascinated to purchase gold or silver. Father may identify a new source of revenue. He may have new opportunities in his career too. Elderly siblings may suffer from financial pressure. They may indulge in some indiscreet decisions. Younger siblings may face accidents during the daytime.


Virgo Ganesha says this may be a profitable week for you. The majority of planets in the second house may make your business mind. Your planning for the future will be rewarding. There is a possibility for the acquisition of commercial property. During this, week you might expand your popularity and permit you to avail the opportunities. Students need to be more pragmatic to utilize their potential. Children may experience decent results in a career. They may be able to control the opposition at the office. Spouses will have great pressure on finances. He/she may not be able to deliver the responsibilities. Father may have financial stability during this week. Elder siblings may plan to take a property that has a doubtful title. Younger siblings may drown in debt. They may take the wrong action about a simple thing.


Libra Ganesha says this may be a stable week for you and your career. You should not expect a favorable response or news about the new job. Businesses may maintain the same pace without much growth. People engaged in financial business may face serious troubles. There is a possibility of securing a foreign project. Students may have positive results in economics and civil engineering. Other subtends may get normal results. Children may be successful in foreign countries. A spouse may have grand success in professional issues. He/she will get commendable recognition for smart work. Father may have financial troubles throughout this week. Elder siblings will able to recover old debts or come out successful in a court case. Younger siblings may find a new source of income.


Scorpio Ganesha says this may be a dynamic week for you. There is a possibility for positive changes in personal and professional life. Business people may get new orders or may enter into new contracts. This is a suitable week to communicate for a new job and promises speculative gains. Students may fare well with competition and come out with handsome figures. Children may be greatly benefited from their previous efforts. Their planning for a new business with friends will succeed. A spouse may have unexpected career changes. He/she may become a toy in the hands of superiors. Father may have new business proposals from colleagues. You should be more practical in your decision-making. Elder siblings may have a failure in love affairs. Younger siblings may enjoy the long journey to beautiful places.


Sagittarius Ganesha says this may be a tough week for you. Problems may surmount you demanding more money and time. You may have to repay for your previous mistakes. People living in foreign countries may be successful in utilizing the opportunities. Most of your investments may incur losses. Students may get normal results in their educational pursuits. Children may have ultimate pressure in their lives. They may be struck up in love life. A spouse may have financial stability from this week onwards. He/she may be able to recover an old debt. Father may dream of acquiring a new house. He may oppose transfer to a distant place. Elder siblings may have a financial uplift during this week. Younger siblings may face pressure and humiliation on the job.


Capricorn Ganesha says this may be a prosperous week for you. There may be anticipated returns for most of your projections. You may get the proposal for your marriage. This is an ideal time to decide about a new business. You will enjoy satisfactory revenue growth. Students will get outstanding results for their hard work. Children may have doubtful relations during this week. They need discipline to avoid unpleasant happenings. A spouse may have unacceptable offers from superiors. He/she may feel pressure at work location. Father will have a positive rating for his performance. He may anticipate a great lift in his career. Elder siblings may have health constraints during this week. They may plan for a foreign trip which may be postponed. Younger siblings may have a great career change.


Aquarius Ganesha says this may be a troubling week for you. Situations may not support you to prosper. You may not be able to convert your skills into wealth. During this week you may have limited growth in your career. Superiors may not be satisfied with your efforts. You may be blessed with a child this week. Students may not do well in their presentations. They should plan for systematic preparation. Children will have extreme pressure in love matters. They may be deceived by their partner. Spouses will have encouraging changes in careers. He/she may be entrusted with a responsible project. Father will have indifferent health throughout this week. He may not be able to attend his duty. Elder siblings will enjoy grand success in their lives. Younger siblings may start a business which may end in a crash.


Pisces Ganesha says this may be a troublesome week for you and may try to stop your success. You may not discover explanations behind delay or disappointment. The greater part of your activities are postponed for unknown reasons. However, you may appreciate great support from your loved ones. People occupied with scholarly interests will get great acknowledgment. Students may fail some important examinations. Over-excitement may be the reason for failure. Children will have grand success in educational matters. They may maintain normal status in a career. Spouse will have financial independence during this week. Father will have a loss in business or he may be cheated. Elder siblings may be promoted to the next designation. Younger siblings may be relieved from financial obligations.

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