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Fafda Files: Exams Begone!

I propose that formal education does not begin till age 12 (believe it or not, this was the norm in Southern India), let the kids be kids, writes Minoo Shah …

NRIs: Happy in their New Home

Happy Spouse, Happy House

What is it like when your spouse leaves you at age 59?

Love Like Sex Adore


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When money leads to abuse

When Money Leads to Abuse

Property and money are often the cause of abuse by children, and the law can be the only recourse for senior citizens. Sonavi Kher Desai cites a case study Senior …


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Bones_Seniors Today

Love You to Your Bones

We give you 7 no-fail ways to keep your bones strong and healthy Food for thought: They say your habits and lifestyle when you are younger will determine how and …