Food Review: Burger King

All the king’s horses and all the king’s men couldn’t put Humpty together again!

The name Burger King is a misnomer there is nothing kingly about their burgers.

I placed an order for a few things of their menu and here is an account of the proceedings. We placed an order at 1.10 p.m. The food arrived in 30 mins.

  • We ordered the Chicken Whopper, the wrapper said – “the king choice”- something to that effect.

The box said flamed grilled to perfection. Toasted sesame seed bun, crispy lettuce, freshly sliced tomatoes – Since this was the combo meal, it came with a can of Pepsi, a little box of French fries. Yes, the lettuce was crispy, and tomatoes did seem fresh, but the patty was devoid of any taste. It was burnt brown and there was an overwhelming taste of mayonnaise.

There is a difference between Regular, Large and Extra Large. But when you call it a Whopper you are deceiving your clientele, there was nothing ‘Whopper’ about it!

Cost Rs. 139. Rating – 3/10.

  • Fiery Chicken: It was the same grilled burger with Indian Spice and mayonnaise. It tasted a wee bit better than chicken whooper.

Cost – Rs. 179. Rating – 4/10.

  • Crispy Chicken Burger: Again, the taste of mayonnaise overwhelmed the burger, the patty by itself was tasteless the usual formal of lettuce and tomatoes and lots of mayonnaise.

Cost -Rs. 79. Rating – 2/10.

  • Tikki Twist Burger: The best thing about this contraption is the name. I couldn’t find the ‘twist’ it was the same overwhelming taste of mayonnaise and one slice of tomatoes and wee bit of lettuce.

Cost Rs. 50. Rating – 2/10.

  • Veg Makhani Burst Burger: This was again a name meant to fool the customer. The ‘makhani’ bit is a desi masala on top of the tikki. If you ever believed that there would be a burst of taste in your mouth. Far from it. The  tikki dry, and there was nothing  ‘makhani’about it.

Cost Rs 50. Rating – 1/10

  • Peri Peri Rice: Here again the name is misleading. The difference between peri- peri and Indian masala is easily recognisable there was about 3 spoons full of rice with red chilli, corn and 2 or 3 pieces of French fries and that’s it! Zero on the taste scale!

Cost Rs. 50. Rating 0/10.

  • Veg Crunchy Volcano: Here again, the name is misleading. It was a crispy (hard) roti folded into two to give it a taco look. Desi masala along with mayo, lettuce, tomatoes and no taste. What is this contraption all about? Can someone tell me what they are trying to sell? The roti was hard and chewy.

Cost Rs. 50. Rating – 0/10.

The food came in 30 mins it wasn’t warm enough the veg tikki’s had gotten cold along with three burgers there were little packets of French fries, it seems the wrong kind of packaging for the fries, limp, soft, drooping, sagging and slack. (For lack of better words).

So, what was wrong with the meal?

Che chicken pattice all tasted the same. Some infusion of herbs would have made a huge difference, everything has an overwhelming taste of mayonnaise, it was as if burger kings was trying to camouflage the failure of the taste by loading everything with so much mayo.

The peri peri rice there was nothing peri peri about the taste, the Veg Crunch Volcano want to understand as to why this name nothing erupting here?

The only good things about the meal was the cost and nothing else.

Would I order it again?  NO. NEVER!

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