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Birthday Predictions – 20th to 26th February 2023

By Chirag Daruwalla – Son of Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla

20th February

Ganesha says today you have many opportunities to improve your financial condition. Traveling abroad or doing transactions can be beneficial. Property-related disputes can be resolved. Children may bring good news for you demanding more attention. Take good care of yourself. At the end of the year, you are planning a pilgrimage which can give you relaxation and peace of mind.

21st February

Ganesha says you are a great host and enjoy meeting people, but sometimes you need to curb your tendency to be stubborn and extravagant. Foreign travel or transactions can be very beneficial. Some people find a healthy romantic period during the weeding process. You can give priority to real estate transactions, construction projects, and repairs. Any type of confrontation and situation that create tension and stress should be avoided.

22nd February

Ganesha says although you are incredibly talented and highly respected by your friends and colleagues, you need to check your tendency to be rigid, extravagant, and sometimes jealous. People with piles and high blood pressure need to be extra careful about their health. The marital front seems smooth despite occasional disputes and estrangement. You can gain popularity among your friends and the social environment because of your creative thinking.

23rd February

Ganesha says you have a great memory and amazing technical skills, but you need to work on your tendency to be irritable and vindictive at times. Today many changes can be seen in the company in which you work. You can get a lot of benefits from these, but there can be a change in your routine. Offers can be lucrative for businessmen looking to make quick cash. Women who are pregnant should pay more attention to their health. Paying attention to your diet and prescription medications is important.

24th February

Ganesha says you should exercise financial restraint today and avoid spending money on unnecessary luxuries. The closeness between you two can increase and you can respect each other more. For most of you, a distant trip seems most likely towards the end of the year. You should not be disappointed by the high expectations of your family members. Also, you can spend some special and romantic moments with your partner.

25th February

Ganesha says you enjoy surrounding yourself with beautiful things. Even if you are not an artist, you still like to collect objects that have artistic value. This year, there may be occasions of improper communication with your employer. Check thoroughly before handing over your work to your superiors. Although many factors may not be in your favor, the support and assistance of friends and family members can give you new energy and make things more comfortable than otherwise. It couldn’t be an easier time.

26th February

Ganesha says you put in a lot of effort, and your dedication and efforts are always appreciated, but you need to curb your tendency to be indecisive, stubborn, and sometimes lazy. This year, your employer and you may become close relatives. As a result, you can play an important role as an ambassador for the company. You can be the center of attraction at any social gathering. You can meet new people and develop important relationships. Even if you seem to be in good health, it is still recommended that you take preventive medications.

Chirag Daruwalla
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