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Weekly Predictions – 16th to 22nd January 2023 By Chirag Daruwalla

Weekly Predictions  – 16th to 22nd January 2023 By Chirag Daruwalla – Son of Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla


Ganesha says this may be a fluctuating week for you and may make you a little lethargic. Delays in your decisions can lead to a big loss. You may like to change your career. You may have the opportunity to deal with foreign clients and will increase your reputation in spite of some problems. Children will have youthful distractions in their life. A spouse may have positive changes in employment. He/she may have a peaceful outlook this week. Father will have a wavering mind throughout this week. He should stay away from speculation. Elder siblings will enjoy all-around success. Younger siblings may face tough competition in education or career.


Ganesha says this may be a challenging week for you and may create tension and anxiety in life. You may be disturbed even by minor issues in life which may result in huge expenditures. You should carefully evaluate your financial decisions. Children will have success in educational matters. They may be worried about future prospects. Spouses will enjoy a decent life in their careers. Father may have sudden changes in a career that brings enormous pressure. He may dispose of an old asset for a nominal profit. Elder siblings will have growth in their lives. Younger siblings may start a partnership business, which may bring loss.


Ganesha says this may be a dynamic week for you and will give you new opportunities to prove your ability. Heavy workloads may result in exhaustion and give a strong interest in business activities. People engaged in the hotel business will have handsome profits. Students may get acceptable results for their presentations. The mother may have eye troubles or minor heart problems during this week. Children will enjoy new friendships and improvement in social status. Spouses will have a double mind about a career decision. He/she should postpone important decisions for this week. Father will have brilliant results in a career. He may be promoted or entrusted with a prestigious project. Elder siblings may suffer from major health issues. Younger siblings may involve in illicit activities. They should avoid new friendships this week.


Ganesha says this may be a positive week for you and will bring success in competitions or interviews. This week may bring great interest in their own business. Pressure from superiors may perplex you. However, you will be successful in resolving all the problems by the end of this week. Students may get poor results in their performance. Children may have an improvement in earnings after a long time. They may raise loans to acquire the property. A spouse may have sudden journeys to distant locations. Fathers will have a satisfactory position in their careers. However, he may be worried about his financial influence. Elder siblings may start a partnership business with friends. Younger siblings will come out successful in educational matters.


Ganesha says this may be an amusing week for you. You will have innovative thoughts that make your life interesting. Students may get outstanding results for their performance and might bring success in the examination for government jobs. During this week, you may bless with new marriage proposals. Children will have a disturbance in education. They may not be able to concentrate because of youthful distractions. Spouses will enjoy decent growth in career and finance. Father may have indifferent health throughout this week. Elder siblings may start a new business or expand an existing business. Younger siblings may fall in love with a person from a different community. He/she should control their passion.


Ganesha says this may be a remunerative week for you. Sudden monetary benefits may result in the inheritance of property. You should be careful in love matters. Students will get encouraging results for their presentations. Children will be successful in foreign locations. A spouse may have an uplift in a career. He/she may get their dream position. Father may have financial pressure or injuries towards the end of this week. He should postpone investment decisions for this week. Elder siblings will get a decent rating in appraisals. Younger siblings may gain through contracts or any other commission-based activities. There may be a delay in getting a bank loan.


Ganesha says this may be a pleasant week for you and will give you new opportunities in your career. You will enjoy peace of mind and support from superiors throughout this week. During this week, you may make a lavish expenditure, but it’s better to have control over such an attitude. Children will have success in foreign countries. They may come out successful in interviews and competitions. There will be stability in the career of a spouse after a long time. Father will have commendable growth in his financial status. Elder siblings may take up a second-hand conveyance from a friend. Younger siblings may have financial troubles. They should be careful while going for long drives as there is every possibility of accidents.


Ganesha says this may be a positive week for you. Most of your objectives will be achieved during this week and will give success in distant locations. There may be a disturbance in short journeys or delays in entering into new contracts. There will be a substantial increment in earnings during this week. Students will get excellent results for their performance. The mother may be troubled by different health complications. Children may conclude a marriage alliance towards the end of this week. Otherwise, they may be interested in starting their own business. Spouse will have speculative losses throughout this week. He/she may have a disturbing environment at the work location. Fathers may be troubled by business partners. Elder siblings may enjoy long journeys to beautiful locations. Younger siblings may resign from the job because of attitude problems with superiors.


Ganesha says this may be a decent week for you. Sun will make you hot-tempered during this week. You may be entrusted with challenging assignments without your consent. There may be differences of opinion with colleagues or neighbors. You should be proactive and reserve more time for making decisions. Children will have success in higher education, but they may involve in minor accidents. Spouses will have all-around success in life. He/she will be successful in convincing higher management. Father will have the comfort of a new conveyance. He may be worried about a long pending due to his friend. Elder siblings may be successful in improving their financial status. Younger siblings will be promoted in a career.


Ganesha says this may be a mixed week for you. There may be normal results for a career, whereas you may have significant disturbances in your personal life. Your confused and contradictory views can lead to unnecessary troubles. You should be reasonable and calculative while delegating official instructions. There might have losses from speculation or indiscreet decisions. Students may get poor results in their performance. Over-excitement can lead to huge losses. Children may have health issues that will affect their education or career. Spouses will have sudden changes in career in spite of his/her resistance. Fathers may have troubles through superiors. Elder siblings may be bothered by a spouse. Younger siblings will have encouraging results in life.


Ganesha says this may be a profitable week for you and increase your revenue or bless you with sufficient opportunities. You may be fascinated by your own house or conveyance. There will be minimum opposition to your activities. You will enjoy good support from colleagues and subordinates. You should try to control your temper and always be polite to other people. Children will have a good lift in a career. They may be appreciated for their sincere and honest efforts. A spouse may have financial disturbance throughout this week. Father will enjoy success in official matters. Elder siblings will benefit from the comfort of new conveyance. Younger siblings will find employment in foreign countries.


Ganesha says this may be an average week for you. There may be stability in life after a lot of disturbance. There may be journeys to a nearby location or participation in significant interviews. There may be distractions in your way. This week you will have the courage and confidence to go ahead with your plans and will bring name and fame. Children will have opportunities in far-off places. They may be confused about making any decision this week. A spouse may have acceptable changes in career. Father will have new proposals from friends. He may be worried about the life of his elder siblings. Younger siblings may have health issues throughout this week. Elder siblings may fall in love.

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