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Weekly Predictions – 19th to 25th June 2023 By Chirag Daruwalla – Son of Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla


Ganesha says there is a strong possibility of getting married to unmarried people. Take important decisions wisely. There will be profitable prospects in business. Hard work will be intense in education competitions. The enthusiasm will increase with the emotional support of the parents. Spiritual interest will increase on Tuesday and Thursday. The mind will be influenced by good and progressive thoughts. Marital happiness will increase. Success will be achieved in endeavored areas. Difficulties are possible in traveling for any important purpose on Friday and Saturday.


Ganesha says new business relations will intensify on Sunday and Monday. The job environment will be a bit distasteful for government employees. Difficulties are possible for politicians due to the strength of their opponents, but with restraint and patience, all the work will be completed properly. , Interest in religious work will increase on Thursday and Friday. Will be popular with sweet behavior. The emotional affection of a life partner will make you energetic. Possible to have some arguments with the borrowers.


Ganesha says with good plans, we will make the tasks meaningful even in difficult situations. Hard work will be intense for economic strength. Despite working hard on Sunday and Monday, you will be worried about not getting the desired results. There is a possibility of minor tension in the domestic environment. Students should not be negligent in education competition, otherwise, the results can be bad. There will be an increase in happiness and enthusiasm in the mind on Thursday and Friday. Will make the plans fruitful. Popularity and dominance will increase in the job profession.


Ganesha says bring maturity to the workplace. Do not do such work, due to which the image is tarnished. Problems are possible due to the behavior of a colleague or officer on the job. Do not do any work in haste on Monday and Tuesday. This week will be enthusiastic due to the affection of family members and close relations on Thursday and Saturday. A long-distance journey will be planned. Your participation in social and auspicious works will increase. If you are working in the technical field, then take advantage of the good opportunities available to you.


Ganesha says negative thoughts about the future will bring down enthusiasm. Will be worried about proper devotion in fulfilling the responsibility. With economic difficulties on Sunday and Tuesday, it is possible for the opponents to prevail, but will handle every situation with a fighting attitude. Proximity with administrative people will increase. The domestic environment will be excited by a sudden pleasant event on Thursday and Saturday. Married life will be happy if any problem related to a life partner is resolved. Intensity will increase in romantic relationships.


Ganesha says be alert from secret enemies this week. Bring sweetness to married life. The mind will be worried due to proper devotion to fulfill the obligations. Do not mind the small things of the family members on Sunday and Monday. Negative worries in the minds of the students will bring down their enthusiasm. There will be chances of fulfillment of some important family obligations. Possible differences with a colleague in the job on Thursday and Saturday. Don’t take any decision in a rush. A mind focused on romantic relationships will be emotionally deprived.


Ganesha says this week your mind will be troubled by some future related concerns. Will complete difficult tasks with good plans. In an important situation, childish nature will tarnish the image in the workplace. Students should not be negligent in education on Sunday and Monday. Ideological differences are possible with the spouse. It will be a good time for politicians. Will be worried about excessive expenditure on Wednesday and Saturday. Be a little careful in transactions. Consult experienced people before investing capital in any new business.


Ganesha says with high morale, will balance income and expenditure and will be able to fulfill all the obligations in spite of limited means in odd situations. Stop living in imagination on Sunday and Wednesday and walk in favor of the physical world. Do not criticize others unnecessarily. Some domestic concerns will bother you. You will get the benefit of hard work in the field of livelihood. Do not waste time on unnecessary work. Progress is possible due to the implementation of new schemes in the economic sector on Thursday. The mind will be focused on proper education.


Ganesha says the mind will be focused on new tasks but a confused mind will be unable to focus on any one task. Employment will increase. Difficulties are possible in the casual field. Take care of the life partner’s health. Will be popular with creative works on Monday and Tuesday. Will get the support of parents. The job environment will be pleasant. The mind will be worried about the desired success in education on Thursday and Friday. Difficulty in important tasks will create negative thoughts in the mind.


Ganesha says expenditure is possible in the discharge of social work. If you leave some minor problems, then there will be an upbeat atmosphere in the house. Sociable nature will bring closeness in relationships. There will be busyness in domestic and auspicious works. Will get the affection of the life partner. Do not mind small things in close relationships on Monday. On Tuesday and Friday, the people of governance will get opportunities for profit. Efforts for some important work will be worthwhile. Be health conscious on Saturday. Spoiled relations will improve with the mediation of a friend.


Ganesha says trouble is possible from a colleague or officer on the job. The mind will be worried about arranging resources to fulfill the responsibilities. Efficiency in the workplace will make you eligible for praise. People in governance will have to face some difficulties. Will be happy with the favorable situation in the workplace on Monday and Tuesday. Politicians may have to face some upheavals. Be aware of your health on Thursday and Friday.


Ganesha says this week the mind will be filled with good imagination. Government employees will find some changed conditions in the job pleasant. Will be saddened by feeling incapable of meaningfulness of high aspirations beyond reality. Politicians will benefit from some windfall advantageous situations. Be careful in eating a little on Sunday and Thursday. It will be a good time for the students. Be careful while traveling on Friday and Saturday.

Chirag Daruwalla
Celebrity Astrologer Chirag Daruwalla is the son of famous astrologer Bejan Daruwalla. He is known for his detailed astrological predictions on career, health, love, finance, and business. You can visit their website for guidance on problems related to your life and solve your problem with the help of expert astrologer Chirag Daruwalla. For guidance on problems related to your life you can talk to Astrologer Chirag Daruwalla on Call/WhatsApp: +91 9825470377 or also mail on:

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