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Weekly Predictions – 12th to 18th February 2024 By Chirag Daruwalla


AriesGanesha says this may be a stable week for you. There may not be much progress in career or education. You will have decent earnings in agency or commission-based activities. Journey to Pilgrim is likely during this week. You may enjoy the comfort of the new conveyance this week. There may be a pleasant atmosphere at the work location. Students may get decent results for their hard work. Children may have the opportunity to work abroad. They may enjoy the support of colleagues and superiors. A spouse may have stability in a career. He/she may have attitude problems with superiors. Father may be cheated by his friends. He may make some indiscreet decisions during this week. Elder siblings may have prosperity through independent activities. Younger siblings may witness a steep rise in their earnings. They may start a part-time activity.


TaurusGanesha says this may be a dynamic week for you. There may be minor changes in your work. You may get positive communications for your business inquiries. This is a favorable week to enter into new agreements or sign new contracts and bring you sudden monetary gains. Most of your efforts will yield satisfactory returns. Students may do well in competitions. Children may have success for their hard work. They may elevate to new heights during this week. A spouse may have long journeys on duties. He/she may be fascinated by visiting foreign locations. Fathers may have trouble with business partners. He may try to secure new loans during this week. Elder siblings may have love affairs in the middle of this week. Younger siblings will be successful in higher education.


GeminiGanesha says this week can be productive for you and may give you a materialistic outlook. You may seriously look for better opportunities for the future and make new friendships while on journeys. Students may get normal returns for their performance. Children may have testing situations in their careers. They may not be able to sustain competition. A spouse may plan to take up a residential flat with a bank loan. Father will recover long pending debts from his old friend. Elder siblings may enjoy stability after a long time. Younger siblings may lose money in speculation or trusting doubtful persons. During this week you may have some problem-related headaches. You should consume that can assimilate heat from the body.


CancerGanesha says this may be a troublesome week for you. Aggressive nature may cause new problems for you. People engaged in business may have new partners. This is a favorable week to initiate your exploration for a new job. Despite your hard work, you may not get a good response from your superiors. A Younger sibling may be a major source of expenditure for you. Students may do well in their presentations. Children may have pleasant experiences in their lives. They may do well in education or career aspects. A spouse may have positive returns for investments. He/she may have a commercial bent of mind during this week. Father may have new business proposals from relatives or friends. Elder siblings may plan for a long journey which may be postponed at the last moment. Younger siblings may be getting a child during this week


LeoGanesha says this may be a prosperous week for you. You will succeed in identifying new sources of income. People looking for new jobs will get it by the end of this week. Business people may get better margins than before. It is important to upgrade your knowledge to improve efficiency. Students will get outstanding results for their performance. They may succeed in competitions or presentations. Children may have financial pressure throughout this week. A spouse may have sudden career changes. He/she may be troubled by secret enemies. Father may have a satisfactory career life. He may plan for a good change from this week. Elder siblings may indulge in minor accidents as Saturn is transiting in the 8th house. Younger siblings may pledge property to raise a loan.


VirgoGanesha says this may be a prosperous week for you and beneficial for financial stability. You may able to convert your hard work into money and improve your reputation at work location. You will admire the trust and respect of higher management. Students will have great success with their efforts. Children may finalize love marriage during this week. A spouse may be unsettled in mind this week. He/she may not be able to complete an investment decision. Father will enjoy financial independence. He may plan for an agency business as a part-time venture. Elder siblings will enjoy foreign visits throughout this week. They may lose money during such journeys. Younger siblings may resign from their jobs to enter into business.


LibraGanesha says this may be a delaying week for you. You may leave most of your assignments unfinished. You may postpone your work for unimportant reasons. It is better to concentrate on a career more than others. You may not be able to utilize your insight in building the future, and this may cause unforeseen pressure on you. Students may get average results for their hard work. Children may have grand success in education or career. A spouse may identify new sources of income. He/she may have a commendable increment in earnings. Father will have a pleasant mind after a long time. He may try to lead a secluded life for peace. Elder siblings may enter into a new job this week. Younger siblings may clear all debts. They may be redeemed from most of their responsibilities.


ScorpioGanesha says this week can be satisfactory for you and auspicious for increments or better ratings in the appraisal. People engaged in the finance business will prosper well. You may inherit property from your ancestors during this week. You may face some troubles through secret enemies. Students may have poor performance this week. Children may have injuries or minor accidents at the end of this week. A spouse may have decent returns for previous investments. You may go through some troubles with your spouse for no reason. Father may have to dispose of an old asset to meet financial requirements. Elder siblings may be successful in establishing a new business. Younger siblings may be promoted to the next designation.


SagittariusGanesha says this may be a normal week for you. The majority of planets transiting in the 5th house may cause a lack of concentration or distractions in your work. You may bargain a property in the middle of this week. There may not be cordial relations with superiors during this week. You may not have peace of mind because of disturbances in your personal life. Students may have average results for their hard work. They may be perplexed by their inability to improve their performance. Children may succeed in getting admission to a foreign university. Otherwise, they may have an improvement in their career as Sun is in the 11th house. Spouse will have grand success in career. He/she may be promoted to the next designation. Father may be transferred to a distant location. Elder siblings may start a new business. Younger siblings may fall ill.


CapricornGanesha says this week can be stressful for you. There may be a delay in the achievement of your desires. You may face a lot of obstructions in achieving your objectives which may result in sudden but huge expenditures. You may spend money to maintain your prestige and social reputation. It is better to verify your activities before forwarding them to higher authorities. Students may not be able to concentrate well for various reasons. Children may have impediments to the completion of higher education. Spouses will have new business opportunities. Father may have a disturbed mindset during this week. He may not be able to make decisions in his personal life. Elder siblings may be worried about delayed communications. Younger siblings may enjoy all-round success in life.


AquariusGanesha says this may be a satisfactory week for you and will help you to utilize the opportunities. You will be able to capitalize on your potential completely. You will be appreciated for your strategic dealing in a crisis. Students may get respectable results for their performance. Children will have an improvement in financial status. They may get financial support from their spouse. Father may have trouble in making money. He may not get sufficient recognition for his hard work. A spouse may be fascinated to acquire a new house or improve the interiors of the existing house. Elder siblings may be drowned in expenditure. They may lend money to a doubtful person. Younger siblings may face serious troubles in long journeys.


PiscesGanesha says this may be a normal week for you. You may not find employment up to your satisfaction. There may be troubles with business partners. You may not get adequate support from your family members. Despite various disturbances, you will succeed in fulfilling your responsibilities. Students may get satisfactory results for their hard work. Children may have love affairs with doubtful persons. They should avoid new friendships during this week. A spouse may have positive career changes. He/she may gain minor profits in speculation. Fathers may resign from jobs or quit business activities because of the age factor. Elder siblings may succeed in most of their efforts. They may finalize a marriage decision this week. Younger siblings may have problems with a spouse. They may have a delay in some work related to the government.

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