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Reminiscing: Sudha Dave


Childhood days are always unforgettable. Born and brought up in Chennai and settled in Gujarat so basically, I’m a combination of dosa and dhokla!

My father Mr. Chhotalal Bhatt was a village school headmaster. Later on, he shifted to Chennai.  He was multi-talented. He used to write articles, bhajan, poems etc. All my siblings inherited this talent. My elder brother Mr. Bhupendra Bhatt had his own orchestra in Chennai. So, I got attracted towards music naturally. My father and my brother were my Gurus.

My other brother Jagdish Bhatt was more towards academic career. I became a graduate in English literature merely by his guidance. My elder sister Jyotsna Joshi has taught me how to remain spiritual and pious. I was youngest among all the siblings so naturally an over pampered kid who was loved by every member of the family. My mother always stood by my side in all my decisions.

Time flew and I got my soulmate. I had to leave my birthplace and settle with my husband. He is an amazing person who always supported me and encouraged me to continue with my studies. I did my post-graduation and B.Ed. with the help of all my in-laws. But as time passed priority changed and responsibility increased. I became busy with my job and bringing up my only daughter.

By God’s grace my passion for music continued through some or other way. As I was working in school, I got the opportunity to teach cultural activities at times and of course we are staunch believers of BAPS (organization). I got a lot of chances to perform devotional songs in the temple.

Meanwhile my princess Premvati Bhatt grew up. She found her soulmate and settled in the USA with her husband and two lovely kids. I was totally broken after her wedding as she was the only child in the family.

I started my musical journey again with my husband’s support, daughter’s
inspiration and of course wishes of my friends played an important role.
Now I devote my time only to learning music. My voice is completely God’s gift and I don’t have much theoretical knowledge.

Whatever I am today is the blessing of Lord Swaminarayan, our present Guru Mahant Swami and of course Maa Saraswati too.

Last but not the least the trophy given by ‘Seniors Have Talent’ at this age has boosted my passion to an even higher level. It’s an asset for me.

Sudha Kirit Dave

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  1. Exposure getting after 60 is really inspiring.I tried singing and writing as a child but got recognition at a matured age which we can call it as Senoir Citizen. Thank you for helping me to reach at such a level.


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