Tuesday, October 26, 2021

9 Ways Covid-19 has Prepared us for a New Life

The pandemic has brought about major changes to our daily living. While the havoc of the outbreak has got the world to a standstill, we are witnessing humanity united like never before. It is preparing us for a new better life in unimaginable ways.

From the scares of coronavirus spread to the chaos in our daily lives, so far Covid-19 is the highlight of 2020. While we are eagerly waiting for it to end, the pandemic has surely taught us the value of life. Let’s look into the changes that has come about and are here to stay.

  1. Namaste– Going back to the old-school greeting, Namaste. Globally people are encouraged to join their hands instead of handshake. Covid-19 spreads through person-to-person contact, while shaking hands can be a threat to life in the given circumstance, joining hands thus has made it to the list of changes brought by the pandemic. 
  1. Sing a song and wash your hands – The world is taught to wash hands because our hands carry a lot of germs.Videos, news, memes, websites…everybody talking about the correct method of washing hands. Happy Birthday made it to the bathrooms as the hand washing song because hands need to be scrubbed for 20 seconds. So, sing along while you wash your hands. 
  1. Travel cautiously – While summer vacations have been cancelled, travel plans have gone for a toss. Airports have become one of the virus prone zones. This arises many questions: Are we ever going to travel fearlessly ever again? Or are we going to travel at all? Or are we going to take preventive measures to keep calm? Certainly, traveling overseas will have to take a backseat for sometime but it will resume and people will be more cautious when they are out and about.
  1. Hygienic beings – The pandemic has efficiently turned some people into germophobes. But the good news is everybody is practicing basic hygiene out of fear. This is good for the environment and in turn it is good for us. Homes are being cleaned then disinfected, everybody is being cautious about staying clean to keep the germs at bay. 
  1. Normalcy appreciated – The once dreaded normal daily routine is now being craved for the most. Quarantine would have sounded cool and appealing if we weren’t going through it. The lock-down has made us appreciate normalcy. We can’t wait to get back to our daily lives, social gathering, catching up with friends without having to maintain one arm distance. 
  1. Careful consumer –News of toilet roll hoarders did amuse us until it happened to us. When people around us began hoarding supplies,it wasn’t a pretty sight. Fear of running out of supplies have taught us the reverence of food and essentials. It has taught us to savour what is available and be grateful to have it. 
  1. Empathy is cool – The bombarding of news reports of people dying of the infection immediately struck the empathy chord. People are contributing in their best ways possible to help each other out. Everybody is maintaining the distance but are on the look out of each other. 
  1. Sneak-peek into emotional well-being – Isolation is a plot twist hammering our emotional well being. It is like going through a breakup with your old life, grieving over normalcy and experiencing the new low moods of staying indoors all the time; can be overwhelming. Just breathe out all the anxieties and fears. Its time to try some Tai-chi, perhaps meditation or watch funny videos to lighten up. The key is you have to make an effort to walk away from gloom. So, don’t ignore your emotional well-being instead look after it. 
  1. Social life the digital way – When social beings are ordered to stay indoors, technology befriended them into socializing digitally. While we remain stranded home alone cleaning and disinfecting our homes, we find ourselves socializing creatively. Birthdays, weddings, dinner party, playing cards, or sipping your evening tea is being hosted on video through the indispensable tool of the era: technology.


Focus on the good. You are home and safe with your loved ones.

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