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World Water Day – March 22, 2024

Water for Peace – World Water Day – March 22, 2024

This year’s theme is ‘Water for Peace’, which focuses on the critical role water plays in the stability and prosperity of the world.

When water is scarce or polluted, or when people have unequal or no access, tensions can rise between communities and countries. 

More than 3 billion people worldwide depend on water that crosses national borders. Yet, out of 153 countries that share rivers, lakes and aquifers with their neighbours, only 24 countries report having cooperation agreements for all their shared water. 

As climate change impacts increase, and the global population grows, we must unite around protecting and conserving our most precious resource. 

By working together to balance everyone’s human rights and needs, water can be a stabilizing force and a catalyst for sustainable development. 

World Water Day is a United Nations (UN) observance coordinated by UN-Water. Every year, it raises awareness of a major water-related issue and inspires action to tackle the water and sanitation crisis. 

How can we help?

As summer approaches in India, let us be more mindful of each drop of water that we use, and spread this awareness to those around us.

Learn more, share content and take action here.  

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