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5 natural ways to boost your immunity for healthy ageing

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Age is Just a Number

We all must have heard this sentence many times, but what does it mean? Does it mean that we will always remain young; our body will never show any signs of ageing? The answer is No. As we age, all our body systems start showing signs of ageing, including our immune system.

Immunity means defence. Defence that eliminates chances of infection and getting sick. Immunity can be considered as Multi-Level Defence Mechanism that exists in our body. Basically Immunity is of two types – Natural Immunity and Acquired Immunity. Natural Immunity is present in our body since the time of our birth, while Acquired Immunity is developed over the period as we are exposed to infection or by vaccination or by receiving antibodies from donor.

In Ayurveda, Immunity is considered as Ojas or as Bala. Under Immunity concept, Ayurveda explains about Sahaj Bala as Natural Immunity, i.e. right from the birth. Kalaj Bala as Age related or Season related Immunity, Yukti Krut Bala as Immunity developed with the help of Diet, Exercise and Rasayana Herbs.

Rasayana literally means Rejuvenation of all body organs. Rasayana herbs are excellent Immunity Boosters, many of them are easily available to everyone. We can add them in our daily regimen and have immunity and longevity bestowed upon you. Let’s see five Natural Ways to boost our Immunity for healthy ageing –

  • Turmeric Milk / Golden Milk: The Golden spice, yes Turmeric is called golden spice not just because of its colour but also because of its health benefits. Turmeric as per Ayurveda is a Rasayana herb. Benefits of Turmeric can’t be just limited to its use as spice. It is useful as medicine and food supplement in variety of diseases and conditions.

Adding half teaspoonful of turmeric in glass full of milk is one of the best method to help your immunity to get boosted.


  • Giloy Kadha: Giloy is also known as Amruta, which literally means Juice of Immortality. Scientifically, it is evident that extract of stem and root of Giloy has medicinal properties. To list a few benefits of Giloy Kadha, we can mention its antioxidant properties, and that it eliminates toxins, boosts immunity, reduces respiratory problems like cough, cold and viral infections. Just make a kadha of Giloy stem or powder (two teaspoons) with 200 ml water to boil it until it comes one-fourth (50ml) and drink it two times. It’s that simple to follow as a home-based natural remedy to boost Immunity.
  • Amla: Adding Amla to your daily routine is another easiest and really one of the best thing to boost your energy and immunity. According to Ayurveda, Amla is Rasayana and helps to strengthen Digestive System, Respiratory System, Circulatory System, Reproductive System, Immune system and other systems as well. Scientific documents show multiple benefits of Amla on Immune System as it provides Vitamin C and Flavonoids as Antioxidants. Vitamin C in Amla is known to boost immunity. In winter fresh Amla is easily available in market but in other season it can be used in its powder, pickle or syrup form.
  • Dry Ginger: Another handy herb in Indian cuisine is Ginger. The dried and processed Ginger in is powerful Rasayana to help boost your immunity. It is not only useful as immunity but also excellent in improving our Respiratory Health. Half inch of ginger grated or shredded & mixed with honey or sugar can be used daily to boost your immunity. Ginger Tea can also be another option to consume Ginger daily.
  • Black Pepper: Black pepper deserves more than just a spice in kitchen. Ayurveda has mentioned Black Pepper as Rasayana, it has multiple benefits on Digestive System, Respiratory System & Reproductive System. Latest research show that Black pepper reduces inflammation and excessive secretions in Respiratory disorder and Infections. Black paper offers anti-inflammatory, anti-asthmatic, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and many other actions that help to build our immunity and respiratory health.

Finding all these five herbs and using them in our routine is not difficult but if I tell you there is further easier way to boost your Immune system with more than these just five ways, would you believe it?  Yes there is actually easiest way, just buy Vedistry’s KOFOL Immunity Tablets as an immune booster to your home and have it just one tab two times daily to boost your immunity and respiratory health. Charak Pharma is more than 75 years old Ayurvedic Pharma company that has brought best possible of Ayurveda to our home via its VEDISTRY Division. Vedistry’s KOFOL Immunity tablets are ayurvedic immunity tablets, infused with all above extremely beneficial ayurvedic herbs along with many more other herbs like Chitrak, pippali, Manjistha that help boost overall immunity and strengthen respiratory health even when the aging process slows down all these functions.

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