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Weekly Predictions  – 20th to 26th March 2023



Ganesha says this week, the people of Aries can make some kind of plan for the growth of their business. Will get the support of the family. There will be an increase in love with brothers and sisters. During this week, situations may come in your favor regarding love affairs. The workload of the job-profession class may increase. Fierceness and anger can increase in nature, due to which the mind will be distracted, but luck will be with you. Take care of your health, cold and flu can give trouble.


Ganesha says this week, the natives of Taurus can get a solution to their old ongoing problems. Due to some work in the field, you can get praise and your popularity can increase. There can be expenditure on the material of entertainment. Due to some wasteful expenditure, the mind will remain in a confused state. Health will be good and happiness will increase. Life partner’s support will be received, as well as there is a possibility of getting money. There may be some problems on the last days of the week. Keep restraint on your speech.


Ganesha says this week, laziness may increase in the people of Gemini, due to which the pace of your work may slow down. The possibility of financial gain will remain for the whole week. There will be an increase in self-confidence and your respect in the social sector may increase. Luck will support you a lot. Disagreement is possible with married life and business partners, so maintain some peace during the conversation. The journey related to the work area will be beneficial. Health will have to be taken care of, diseases of the stomach and mouth can cause problems.


Ganesha says this week, for the benefits related to the field of work, the people of the Cancer zodiac will be able to travel. There can be a possibility of sudden financial gain from somewhere. People doing jobs can get the responsibility of a project. Will get support from my elder brother. Health will not support you, and minor ailments can bother you. Love with the spouse can increase. Some natives may discuss the decision to marriage at home. People can use you for their own benefit. At the end of the week, there can be wasteful expenditure and unwanted travel.


Ganesha says this week, the people of the Leo zodiac can get full support of luck and can get some kind of gift and respect. Stopped money will be received. The performance of the working people will be good in their field of work. Coordination with higher officials may deteriorate. So be alert. People trying to do government work may have to face some difficulties. There will be benefits and cooperation from the female class. The last part of the week may give some trouble for the students. In terms of health, the problem of liver and headaches can be troubling.


Ganesha says this week, the people of Virgo who are associated with writing work can get more success. There will be chances of receiving gifts, there will be progress in the business. You can start new work. There can be obstacles in property-related work. Mother’s health may remain bad. You can get success in court cases. This week, your expenses may remain more than your profit. There can be interesting trips. Employed people may face problems on the last days of the week.


Ganesha says this week, you can make contact with new people related to your work. Your confidence and morale can increase. Will enjoy happy moments of happiness with life partner and family. This week you can get pleasant experiences in new or old love relationships. Physical and material pleasures can be attained. Some difficulties may have to be faced in the workplace. Money can be gained. Laziness may increase in the body in the last part of this week, so it would be appropriate not to postpone tasks due to laziness.


Ganesha says this week the might of the people of the Scorpio zodiac will increase and they can get benefits from their brothers. Will get the grace of higher officials. You may be worried about your health. Seasonal illness and blood-related problems can trouble you. This week can remain financially beneficial. Relations with family members will remain cordial and some misunderstandings may arise with colleagues in the workplace. Ongoing love affairs can take final shape. You can get success in getting any kind of loan from the bank.


Ganesha says this week, the people of Sagittarius may have ideological differences between high-ranking people and colleagues in the workplace, so carefully solve the problem. People doing jobs may have to undertake many journeys, which will prove beneficial. New job offers can also be received. The conditions of money gain will remain for the whole week. The week has turned out to be good for the students studying. Students who are striving for higher education can get success. At the end of the week, there can be a situation of upheaval in married life and business. So be alert.


Ganesha says this week, the people of Capricorn can spend some blissful time with their spouse after a long time. Control anger and maintain a cordial environment with colleagues working together. With the help of an elder brother, one can get success in any work. Due to the proper amount of money movement, the worries of the mind can be reduced. Time will be good for the working people. You will get happiness from the work of your children and your respect can increase. You can make a plan to buy or sell any type of property. At the end of the week, unnecessary expenses and unwanted travel                                                             can cause problems.


Ganesha says this week can be well spent for Aquarius people. Maintain positive thinking, the mind will remain happy and might will increase. You can discuss any business topic with brothers, you can also start a new business with the participation of brothers. Natives of this zodiac can spend on cosmetics, clothes, jewelry, and luxury items. Some kind of concern may remain regarding the children, so take special care of their health. Students may have to work harder by giving up laziness. Take care of your health, stomach related diseases can cause trouble


Ganesha says the people of this zodiac, who are doing a job, may have to face problems at the workplace this week. This week will be good in terms of money and your financial condition will be strong. You will enjoy marital happiness. New love affairs may emerge. You will be saved from many troubles if luck favors you. The work done by you can increase your respect. Father or father can get in trouble. Students may have to work harder in their workplace. The rush regarding business can increase. The mother may get hurt, so take care of her and her health.


Chirag Daruwalla
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