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Weekly Predictions – 22nd to 28th January 2024 By Chirag Daruwalla



Ganesha says this may be a demanding week for you. You may find obstructions to the accomplishment of your objectives. There may be a lack of cooperation from subordinates because of jealousy reasons. Your superiors may not be in your favor and you should be very tactful in dealing with people in professional and personal life. Students may get normal results for their efforts. Children may be worried about delayed communication. They may prosper well abroad. A spouse may have health complications throughout this week. He/she may be inactive in attending duties. Father will enjoy financial stability during this week. Elder siblings may have conflicts with spouses or children. Younger siblings may join into service by the end of this week.




Ganesha says this may be a successful week for you. There may be complete confidence to initiate new projects. Others will appreciate your innovative thinking. You may get a good response for your career inquiries. There is a possibility of earning unearned income in the middle of the week. One can expect improvements or positive appraisals in jobs. Students will get outstanding results for their hard work. Children may find new opportunities at work locations. They may lose money to strangers or old friends. A spouse may have pressure for finances. He/she may have to pay for previous mistakes. Father may have extreme pressure in his job. He may plan for a long journey for refreshment. Elder siblings may decide on a marriage alliance this week. Younger siblings may acquire a new conveyance on finance.




Ganesha says this might be a prosperous week for you and affirming your prosperity. You will have the capacity to underwrite the rising circumstances. There will be satisfactory returns for your ventures. People will respect your intelligent speculation and practical approach. Students may have expected returns for their hard work. Children will be fortunate in all their activities. They will accomplish their objectives with hard work. A spouse may have embarrassing situations at the office. He/she may be forced to resign from a job. Father may have pressure from business partners. He may decide to raise money for a government bank. Elder siblings may have childbirth. Younger siblings may drown in debt.




Ganesha says this lethargic behavior may bring more troubles at the end of the week. Students may get average results for their performance. Children will have success in higher education. They may have support and pleasure through the spouse. Spouses will face troubles with business partners. He/she may dispose of property to resolve financial problems. Father will have grand success in business activities. He may sign new agreements this week. Elder siblings may get positive communication regarding new business. Younger siblings may come out successful in an interview. They may be supported by an elder person in the family.




Ganesha says this may be a stable week for you. You may have a normal life in a career which is long waiting. You may win with confidence during this week. People in business may enter into new deals or contracts. This is an ideal time to establish a new business. Students may get satisfactory results for their performance. Children may have grand success in foreign countries. They should avoid too much expenditure this week. A spouse may find positive changes in their career. He/she may get the possibility for transfers. Father may have financial upsets. He may be troubled by an old friend. Elder siblings may find a new job after a long time. They may have a revival of a love affair. Younger siblings may have serious problems in domestic life.




Ganesha says this might be a regular week for you. You may have the confidence and support of bosses. You might be straightforwardly profited through elder siblings or companions. Individuals living in outside nations should be watchful. They may confront security issues this week. Students may get average results for their achievement. Children may face minor accidents during night hours. They should avoid new friendships and try to lead a disciplined life. A spouse may have speculative gains to some extent. He/she should give priority to health issues. Father will have a strong desire to acquire a new vehicle. He may gain exceedingly through an agency activity. Elder siblings may have financial troubles. Younger siblings may be promoted to the next designation.




Ganesha says this may be an encouraging week for you. There may be fortunate happenings in your life that give you the confidence to face the competition. You may be entrusted with responsible activities. Students will get the most satisfactory results during this week. Children will have pressure and testing situations in a career. They may be fascinated about a love marriage which is not the right thing now. Spouses will have unfortunate happenings in their careers. He/she may be accused of an incident for which there is no proof. Father will have financial stability. He may be successful in recovering long pending due. Elder siblings will occupy the new house this week. Younger siblings will complete a long journey and return home. They may face minor injuries in Journey.




Ganesha says this may be a troubling week for you. Despite positive thinking, situations may not allow you to prosper. Lack of concentration may result in serious mistakes in your work. You should devote more time to the verification of your activities. You should stay away from new and intimate relationships for this week. Utmost care should be taken in career decisions. Students may not be able to focus because of youthful distractions. Children may suffer from health issues related to head and digestion. There may be a notable drop in their efficiency. A spouse may have promising results at a work location. Father may have sudden and destructive happenings in his career. Elder siblings may be involved in illicit activities. Younger siblings will enjoy financial stability.




Ganesha says this may be a supporting week for you and will give you a good lift in your career. You will be successful in managing foreign projects or clients. This is a good time to initiate a search for a better job. You should avoid long drives as Mars is transiting in the 8th house. Students need to have more disciplined schedules to get the desired results. Children will have doubtful friendships from the middle of this week. They may get clearance for foreign journeys. A spouse may have speculative losses despite careful dealing. Father will have an improvement in business than before. He may gain through the sale of an old asset. Elderly siblings may suffer from complications like dizziness, forgetfulness, and constipation. Younger siblings may gain through long journeys.




Ganesha says this may be a busy week for you. There may be a lot of activity which may make you impatient. You may have to take lots of new engagements in your personal life and may feel the repetition of work. There may be a satisfactory increment in your earnings. Students may get acceptable results for their performance. Children may finalize a marriage alliance. They may gain through short journeys or positive communications. A spouse may plan for a relocation which may not happen. He/she needs great financial discipline to reserve for the future. Father will have prosperity in a career. However, he may face disturbances in his personal life. Elder siblings may escape from an accident. They should postpone the long journey for this week. Younger siblings should not borrow money this week.




Ganesha says this may be a pleasant week for you. There may be positive signs for excellent prospects. You will enjoy your work and put more effort into improving the quality. People engaged in fine arts will have overwhelming success. People in business may make wealth during this week. You will enjoy the admiration and recognition from superiors. Students may get ultimate results in their presentations. Children will recover from health problems. They may revive their routine after a long time. A spouse may have financial stability after sincere efforts. He/she may succeed in an interview. Father may have a philosophical outlook during this week. He may spend most of his time in religious activities. Elder siblings may start a new business. Younger siblings may decide to separate from a spouse.




Ganesha says this may be a normal week for you. There may not be significant changes in professional or personal life. You may be disturbed by some greedy people. You may plan for new business ventures which are un-concluded. People may not be up to your desire. You ought to be more down to earth while assessing distinctive situations. Students may be confident about their success. Children may have anxiety about the future happening. They may have financial losses in speculation. Spouse will have a great time in career. He/she may be promoted dramatically. Father will have a satisfied life. He may plan for a pilgrimage in the north direction. Elder siblings may get positive communications about a new job. Younger siblings may fall ill because of nervous debility and indigestion.

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