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Weekly Predictions – 25th to 31st December 2023 By Chirag Daruwalla


Ganesha says this may be an energetic week for you and may result in sudden outbursts on several occasions. You should be proactive and try to make provision for immediate uncertainty. You may be restless and may wander throughout this week. Students may lose concentration for various reasons. Children may have success in foreign countries. They may feel happy about the increment in earnings. A spouse may be restless or weak because of overstress and strain. He/she may suffer from inferior feelings. This is not a good time for relations with a spouse. Father may have a philosophical outlook for this week. He may make fearless journeys to extreme places. Elder siblings may have joy because of childbirth. Younger siblings will be successful in important matters.


Ganesha says this may be a remunerative week for you. This is a suitable time for agents, commission brokers, or any other intermediate services. Personal and official responsibilities may fill up your mind with pressure. You should make yourself comfortable with prior planning. Students may have more confidence than before. Children may have grand success in official matters. They may enjoy a wide reputation in society. Spouses will have trouble from secret enemies. He/she may be worried about entangled money. Father may have success through business operations. He may raise an overdraft to meet personal expenses. Elder siblings may decide on a marriage alliance. They may be worried about future financial prospects. Younger siblings may bring new troubles in life with rash and reckless behavior.


Ganesha says this may be a prosperous week for you and help you in your career through old friends or elder siblings. Some indiscreet decisions may bring huge monetary losses. You may bag decent profits for your previous investments. This is a very positive week for a high rating in appraisals. There will be all-round success with minor disturbances. Students may get outstanding results for their performance. Children may celebrate marriage during this week. A spouse may have major changes in a career without clear intimation. He/she may get reversed without any reason. Fathers may have problems with business partners. He may undertake speculative activities which may prove futile at a later date. Elder siblings will be helpful in important aspects of life. Younger siblings may be promoted to the next designation.


Ganesha says this may be a dragging week for you. You may not have sufficient confidence to take up new responsibilities. It is troublesome to plan for long journeys. Relations with a superior may dwindle for various reasons. There may be decent returns for small investments in the business. Students may ruin exams because of over-excitement. Children may have a love affair with a colleague or classmate. They should realize the importance of time and effort. A spouse may have financial benefits from the current organization. He/she may suffer from digestive problems or constipation. Father may leave for a long journey. Elder siblings may enjoy a good name in society but a bad time at the house. Younger siblings may elevate to a higher status because of hard work and toil.


Ganesha says this may be a pleasant week for you. There may be surprising gains during this week. During this week you might also improve your projection in the market. You need to do a little more hard work to settle down in life. You should not fall into the trap of some deceitful people. It is better to live with old friends rather than make new ones. Students may get decent results for their hard work. Children may have trouble with spouses or debtors. They may have heavy work pressure throughout this week. A spouse may face complex situations at work location. He/she may lend money to doubtful persons. Father may succeed in court litigation. Elder siblings may invest huge amounts in lands or speculative activities. Younger siblings may escape from major accidents on long journeys.


Ganesha says this may be an inspiring week for you and may fill up your brain with confidence. You may be optimistic about a few projects for which you are waiting. This is an excellent week for middlemen. People may find it difficult to understand your perceptions. Your words may sound challenging to others. Students may feel a real urge for education and knowledge. Children may have fluctuations in health. They may have a lethargic outlook for this week. Spouses will have a considerable hike in remuneration. He/she may plan for a big leap in a career. Father may have success in an interview or he may be successful in getting a new job. Elder siblings may be cheated by close friends or lovers. This is not a bright time for initiating new activities. Younger siblings may become popular for their outstanding performance.


Ganesha says this may be a positive week for you. You may get good recognition for your views and plans. Superiors may appreciate your innovative thoughts. You should be more practical rather than impulsive. Financial pressure may worry you for a while. Students may succeed in getting positive results. Children may have sharp fevers or a headache. They may fail in an examination. Spouses will enjoy prosperity in a careers. Fathers may have mixed results in career matters. He may be perplexed by the delay in getting the promotion. Elder siblings may have trouble with spouses or break up in love matters. Younger siblings may enjoy the comfort of a new conveyance or house. They may have good profits in commission-based activity.


Ganesha says this may be a memorable week for you. Success is likely in professional matters. You may fall in love during this week. People engaged in government employment may benefit. This is a suitable week to initiate the search for a better job. Venus in the 8th house may cause vehicular accidents during night hours. You will have a good time with friends and family members. Students may have success in their efforts. Children may be involved in love matters with a person from a different community. A spouse may have sudden expenditure by the end of this week. He/she may have conflicts with younger siblings. Father may have a philosophical outlook this week. He may like to have a secluded life. Elder siblings may celebrate marriage after a long delay. Younger siblings may start a business.


Ganesha says this may be a supporting week for you. You will get good recognition and support from superiors and fellow workers. This is the right time to pen down your plans. You should seek the collective support of subordinates and colleagues for an inspiring achievement. You will do well in foreign assignments or projects. Students may plan or schedule more time for studying. Children may divorce or leave a spouse for a minor issue. They may not be in a position to compromise with life. A spouse may have speculative losses throughout this week. Father will enjoy financial growth after a long time. He may initiate a new project for long-term gain. Elderly siblings may suffer from health complications. Younger siblings may be frustrated by the delay in getting clearance for Visa.


Ganesha says this may be a challenging week for you. People may not let you go. You may be entrusted with challenging assignments which are opportunities to prove your abilities. You should spend more time on career matters to attain perfection. Utmost care should be taken by the people engaged with technical know-how. Students will enjoy great success in their efforts. Children may have financial troubles throughout this week. Spouses will have success in foreign countries. He/she may be delighted with positive communication. Fathers may have an uplift in their careers after a long delay. Elder siblings may be fined for an illicit activity in business. Younger siblings may terminate a partnership business after a long contemplation.


Ganesha says this may be a normal week for you. You may hesitate to make even minor decisions in life. You may hide your inadequacy in the name of faith in God. There may be challenging situations in your office. You may be assured of a better position in the future. This may be a tough week to complete assignments without delay. Students need to be watchful in their presentations. Children may have grand success with partnership business. They may make good money in speculation. A spouse may be transferred to a distant location. He/she may be confident about prospects. Father may pass the tough time in his career. He may be work-averse throughout this week. Elder siblings may be aggressive during this week. They should not make important decisions at this time. Younger siblings may decide to marry a person among relatives.


Ganesha says this may be a dynamic week for you and may revitalize your constitution. You will be active and athletic throughout this week. You should be very strict with your financial decisions. Expenses may outweigh income. You may be overwhelmed by some happenings at your work location. Students may lack concentration because of some tempting reasons. Children may have challenging situations abroad. They may not be able to bring balance to their financial status. A spouse may have attitude problems with superiors. He/she may not be satisfied with status. Father may have strong opposition at the office. He may be charged with illicit activity. Elder siblings may be involved in a love matter. Younger siblings may land in foreign countries.

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