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Weekly Predictions – 31st October to 6th November 2022 By Chirag Daruwalla – Son of Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla


At the beginning of the week, the work will not be successful due to unwanted hindrances between the works, and due to this, there will be a state of despair and frustration in you. Nevertheless, it will be beneficial for you to go on trips during this time. The mid part of the week is indicating that you will deal with enemies and expenses with confidence. Travels will give you pleasure. You can plan for managing your expenses and competitive exams. You will prove to be a good strategist in terms of shaping the marketing plan to face the tough competition of the market. In the last part of the week, you will use your energy and expenditure towards the welfare of the family. May there be an atmosphere of happiness and peace in the family. You will get support from all the family members and all the family members will be supportive of each other.


Your income and business will increase at the beginning of the week. One can expect steady gains from the income sectors with the support of the government. You are likely to get the support and support of your elder brother. In the middle of the week, you may have to face obstacles in the accomplishment of important tasks due to excessive mental stress, unnecessary expenditure, disappointment, and frustration. Health compatibility can give you happiness. You will face the problem of rapid change in mood. Do not lose your patience to save yourself from getting affected by adversity. The last part of the week is completely favorable for the attainment of prestige, health, immunity, and personality development. You can emerge as an influential person, you can get both praise and respect from people. There can be no doubt about your ability. You will have a high level of ability to run an organization and have management skills.


There are signs of progress in your work at the beginning of the week. You can expect cooperation from colleagues at the workplace. Apart from this, the company of subordinates will give you happiness. In the present planetary position, you will have to try to take the cooperation of senior officers to get opportunities for growth in business jobs. Your income will increase in the middle of the week. At this time, there are strong signs of the fulfillment of your desires, brother-sister cooperation, and child happiness. These days, there are strong possibilities of getting strong sources of income for you. In the last part of the week, there are signs of deterioration in health, happiness, mental state, and financial condition. Due to this, you may get a sudden increase in stress and expenses as well as failure to complete important tasks.


At the beginning of the week, there are strong signs of increasing your social prestige and getting the support of luck. Your influence in society will increase due to the words and lectures you say. Coming back from holidays in the middle of the week, you will be able to do the work of the workplace better. At this time your business will grow and you will get success in all important works because of your social influence. You have to perform well to be on top in the academic field. You will move ahead in your professional life and these days you are likely to get good news related to an increase in prestige. The remaining part of the week will be beneficial from the side of sources of income and profit.


The beginning of the week is not auspicious for your happiness and achievements. You may have some health problems. There may be some unwanted obstacles in your family. It would be better if you avoid unnecessary arguments to maintain the relationship. The mid-week period will be favorable for your family life and relationship with your father. Luck is strong with you. Time is favorable for making efforts to strengthen ties with everyone in the house. You will be happy to get the support and respect of senior officers. The last part of the week is very favorable for your work, achievements, and progress. This is where your skills and expertise will come in handy.


At the beginning of the week, your marital bliss, and love will increase, and the family environment, mutual harmony in the family, mutual attachment, and family peace will improve. There will be a discussion on the marriage plans of unmarried people. Your efforts to improve partnership ventures will be good during this period. In the middle of the week, you will experience frustration and despair due to mental disturbance. You have to take care of your physical and mental health. You have to keep your confidence high otherwise your efficiency may get affected. During the weekend, you may plan to go to a tourist place or pilgrimage. You will get full support of luck on the weekend. This will also improve your reputation. You will get the support of nearby people, friends, mother-in-law, relatives, and brothers and sisters.


Rising expenses will increase your worries at the beginning of the week. You will be successful in finding solutions to all the issues and your mind will be happy by going on a trip to a favorite place. The middle of the week will be excellent for your marital bliss. Spouse’s friendly advice will prove beneficial for you and you may be able to control your unruly expenses. You will experience some disappointment in the last part of the week as you may get disappointment and failure in important work. May face difficulties in managing daily activities due to a lack of funds. You will feel irritable due to obstacles in emotional relationships. It is advisable not to lose patience and faith in difficult times. Do not do important work related to undertakings during this time.


At the beginning of the week, you will establish your reputation as a very good advisor and your children may bring you some good news. This can be a good time for emotional relationships. With the power of your imagination, new ideas will be born. Mid of the week will be highly beneficial for dealing with issues related to enemies, litigation, and debt. You are advised to handle these issues with a calm attitude. You may go on a journey to a remote place. Your subordinates will follow your orders. You will get successful in giving the desired performance in the field. Your wishes can be fulfilled by getting more benefits. The remaining days of the week will be good for maintaining harmony in married life. At the same time, partners can also be happier than before and there can be more joy and adventure in married life. This is a good time to sign a new project contract.


The time at the beginning of the week is indicating good harmony between your mother and spouse. Your spouse can make good plans related to solving all domestic matters. With this, your family can prosper and there can be peace in the house. Though the support of your life partner may be really satisfying for you, you may lose your peace of mind due to unwanted obstacles. You can get recognition and success in the field. In the middle of the week, you will have a lot of compatibility with your spouse and you will be very happy with the care of your children. Your spouse can be your best friend, guide and mentor. Your partners will prove to be competent for you. This time can prove to be particularly favorable for making a profit from speculative activities. On the remaining days of the week, you will spend your energy dealing with issues related to debt, disease, and legal disputes. This can make you very tired. This is a very difficult time for the health and mental state of the spouse.


You will be more aggressive at the beginning of the week. This time will be excellent for social activities and business activities. People will appreciate your skill and hidden ability to manage. Your full support and affection will be with your relatives, friends, and siblings. In the middle of the week, there are indications that you will be worried about your mother’s health and you may be disturbed due to some domestic issues. You may have some stomach-related problems in the remaining part of the week. This may be the right time for education and emotional bonding. Suddenly your differences with children may arise. This time can be average for speculative activities. Your meeting with socially influential people can prove beneficial. Also, your skills and management ability can be appreciated.


In the beginning, the week will bring sudden financial gains, harmony in the family, profit, progress in the field of work as well as happiness, confidence, and luck. The middle part of the week seems auspicious for social activities, but you will lack the expected enthusiasm and confidence. This time will be average from the side of your relationship with your siblings, friends, and relatives. People will appreciate your friendly behavior but you may not be recognized. You may think of taking interest in some of your business activities. The remaining days of the week are favorable for getting the mother’s affection and support. But you will remain worried and upset due to the ill health of the mother. There may be some tension to be faced in matters related to the maintenance of vehicles and houses.


The beginning of the week will prove to be extremely auspicious for your personality development, immunity, and well-being. Your enthusiasm will remain high this time and you will spend money to improve your skills and personality development. Your confidence and work efficiency will improve. In the middle of the week, there will be an atmosphere of peace and harmony in the house and there are auspicious signs of progress in family life. The behavior of all the family members will be cooperative for you. In the remaining part of the week, along with improvement in work activities, your social status will also improve due to social activities. You will also make progress in the workplace.

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