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Weekly Predictions – 4th to 10th September 2023 By Chirag Daruwalla – Son of Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla


Ganesha says responsible behavior in the house will earn praise. Positive thinking will bring color in a new direction. Unable to work hard in important areas, the mind will be worried. The mind will be influenced by progressive thoughts. The mind will be excited by the interest in some new work. The mind will be happy with any sudden good news on Sunday and Monday. Any important work that has been blocked for a long time will be expected to be resolved. The means of income will be accessible. On Wednesday and Saturday, the mind will be worried due to obstruction in any important work. Old relations will be strong but avoid defamation and slander. Your serious nature reduces emotional exchange in relationships. improve it.


Ganesha says old problems will be solved. Professional busyness will come in the way of a lack of time for personal needs. Some new doubts will create bitterness in old relations. Be cautious about the health of your life partner. In a time full of worries, some good prospects will be seen. On Sunday and Tuesday, the hold in governance will be strong. Difficulties are possible in traveling for any important purpose on Friday and Saturday. Your proximity to people of bad and flattering nature can be harmful to you. Don’t take any decision on impulse.


Ganesha says divine faith will increase. Your attraction towards a new business will increase. Take advantage of good opportunities by controlling the apprehensive mind with prejudice. The mind can be focused on social and auspicious works. Governance- Time will be favorable for the people of the power sector and you will be able to face the situations with your high might. All the responsibilities thrown together will burden the mind. Suffering is possible due to work done in emotion. The mind will be worried due to the illness of someone in the family. Beware of secret enemies in the guise of friends. Creative works will increase in popularity. Support from parents and superiors will be received.


Ganesha says you will get the benefit of hard work in the livelihood sector. There will be opportunities for good success in the field of work and the jewel of efficiency and talent will spread. Obstacles in endeavors and problems in married life are possible. The mind will be worried about the happiness and sorrow of the family members. Control sensitivity and anger, it can bring bitterness in your close relationships. Minor health problems are possible on Monday and Wednesday. The illness of a superior person in the family is possible. Success will be achieved in the endeavored areas on Friday and Saturday. Efforts in the direction of employment will be meaningful. Students may be a little worried about their careers.


Ganesha says for economic strength, the mind will focus on new schemes. There is a possibility of bitterness in the relationship due to some unpleasant things. In spite of having good feelings towards everyone, you will be unable to prove yourself good. A lot of worries will be included in the mind. Good desires will awaken in the mind on Sunday and Monday. Learners will get the benefit of planetary compatibility. Material happiness will increase. On Thursday and Friday, there will be intensity in relations with your tact. The mind will be happy with the favorable situation in the work area. There will be busyness in the discharge of socialism. Your talent will flourish in the professional field.


Ganesha says some financial difficulties will trouble the mind. Some things in the family can cause emotional distress to the mind. There are strong chances of transfer of government employees. There will be busyness with some auspicious events in the family. Will get the company of all the family members. Meaninglessness can become a hindrance in the fulfillment of important tasks. Consult experienced people before investing capital in any new business. Planetary compatibility for students will make their hard work worthwhile. On Thursday and Friday, the mind surrounded by negative worries and apprehensions will be focused on the refuge of God. Laziness can deprive you of important benefits.


Ganesha says this is a time of big change in life. The mind will be restless for some emotional relations. There will also be chances of solving old problems. The mind will be restless in realizing its ambitions. Be careful of the activism of opponents in the work area. Efforts will be intense in the field of education competition. The job environment may be a bit distasteful for government employees and there are possibilities of a change of place. Your intensity will increase in romantic relationships. On Thursday and Saturday, stop living in imagination and try to walk according to the physical world. Do not waste time on unnecessary work. Put your mind into some creative and good work.


Ganesha says there is a chance of traveling a long distance. The mind will be worried about its result in emotional relationships and endeavored areas. Beautiful possibilities will communicate new enthusiasm in the mind. It is time for major changes in the economic sector. Some new means of income will be accessible. There are chances of success through good planning. Will be hopeful of some important successes. Make a balance between income and expenditure on Monday and Tuesday. Do not do any work in haste. Otherwise, errors are natural. Control your juvenile behavior as it can have a bad effect on your image in the work area. On Thursday and Saturday, you will get the benefit of being close to high-level people.


Ganesha says with the implementation of new schemes in the economic sector, there will be chances for progress. Proximity to high-level people will lead to progress. It will be a very pleasant and auspicious week. Political activism will increase. There can be a time of big change in the employment sector. From the point of view of education competition, the mind will be focused on proper hard work. With the help of your mother, your side of the family will be strong on every issue. Good opportunities for profit will bring happiness to the mind. Will enthusiastically try to implement new schemes.


Ganesha says any auspicious event is also possible in the family. Social and business engagement will increase. Negative worries will be effective on the mind due to weak morale. Time is very valuable. So don’t waste it. There are sums of money spent on important works. The mind will be worried about the happiness and sorrow of the relatives on Monday and Tuesday. Being active in the discharge of social work and relations will increase your popularity. Possible differences with a colleague in the job. Efforts in the direction of education competition will be fruitful. The family atmosphere will be pleasant. Expenditure is possible in material comforts. There will be chances of the fulfillment of some important family obligations.


Ganesha says people in the political field will benefit from a favorable environment. Possible emotional distress from a superior or guardian. Don’t get angry about small things. Politicians may have to face some upheaval. Increasing responsibilities will put pressure on the mind for timely fulfillment. Caution towards health is expected. Laziness is possible due to excessive labor in the work area. The mind will be worried about proper arrangement towards important responsibilities. The mind will be worried about gathering material comforts. Your popularity will increase with your eloquence and efficiency on Wednesday and Friday. Will get the benefit of high-level relations. The enthusiasm will increase with the emotional support of the parents.


Ganesha says it would be best to forget the past this week as it will bring sweetness to the relationship. Financial difficulties will trouble you. There are chances of excessive expenditure in the fulfillment of material comforts. There is a possibility of emotional distress from a close relative on Sunday and Monday. Hard work will be intense for the meaningfulness of any important work. Accidental long-distance travel may have to be done. Some worries in the direction of education competition will be effective on the mind. On Friday and Saturday, the people of governance will get opportunities for profit. Efforts for some important work will be worthwhile. It is possible to improve spoiled relations with the mediation of a friend. Proximity to dignitaries will increase The second ‘standing count’ was received after 20 seconds, due to which the referee decided the fight in favor of the Indian boxer.

Chirag Daruwalla
Celebrity Astrologer Chirag Daruwalla is the son of famous astrologer Bejan Daruwalla. He is known for his detailed astrological predictions on career, health, love, finance, and business. You can visit their website for guidance on problems related to your life and solve your problem with the help of expert astrologer Chirag Daruwalla. For guidance on problems related to your life you can talk to Astrologer Chirag Daruwalla on Call/WhatsApp: +91 9825470377 or also mail on:

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