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Weekly Predictions – 6th to 12th March 2023 By Chirag Daruwalla


Ganesha says Aries people need to bring changes in themselves this week. You can also be a part of some benefits this week by bringing positive changes in various areas of life. At the personal level, you should give full respect to the women of home and office. Those looking for love can find their desired partner. This week, you can shop to your heart’s content, but do take care of your pocket as well. You will face problems coming into the field firmly. In terms of health, you need to be very careful this week. Due to the changing weather, you may suffer from a cold and fever.


Ganesha says this week can prove to be beneficial for Taurus people in many ways. If you do not panic about problems, then you will be able to solve them easily. A spouse will be with you in married life and a love relationship will be better than before. However, during this time you have to keep in mind that no old matter should come between you two. If you are looking for a job then your search may end this week. Employed people can get the full results of their hard work this week. This week, you have to have complete control over your expenses, otherwise, you may become a victim of the financial crisis. This week, apart from paying attention to your mental health, you have to take special care of your eyes.


Ganesha says the advice of elders will help Gemini people to achieve success in life this week. A long-standing problem may end this week. There will be peace and stability in married life. Loving couples will have to stay apart from each other for a few days. You will be appreciated for your intelligence at the workplace. However, do not share your work ideas with anyone. A long pending legal matter related to finance may get resolved this week. Your expenses may increase this week, so it is better to spend wisely. Talking about your health, you can remain completely fit by taking some precautions.


Ganesha says the beginning of this week can be very good for Cancerians. They will get an opportunity to spend more and more time with their favorite person. You can get a chance to spend happy moments with family members. The people trying in the direction of the job can get success this week. This week will also prove to be effective for those starting a new business. You will have to work a little hard on the level of love, you can get success if you go with time. Marriage proposals may come from eligible people. Do not be hasty in choosing a life partner, take a decision after thinking carefully. You can get new opportunities to earn money. Loans given to others can be recovered this week. To stay healthy, you have to change your lifestyle. Ignoring health can land you in trouble.


Ganesha says the beginning of this week can be very romantic for the people of the Leo zodiac. He can go for a trip to his favorite place at the beginning of this week. This week can prove to be very beneficial for loving couples. This week can be very happy for newly married couples. They can get an opportunity to spend more and more time with their spouse. At the economic level, there can be an increase in your expenses, the effect of which you can see in the future. Due to your intelligence in the workplace, you are likely to get a promotion. Business people can get some good news at the end of this week. There is a need to be careful about health.


Ganesha says this week will give mixed results for the people of Virgo. This week, you may have to eat your mouth in matters of love. Before expressing your love to someone, do know their mind. There can be a fight between loving couples over something. This week can bring some new good news for married couples. Lending money to someone can be harmful to you. Along with this, investing in property will be beneficial. Those looking for a new job may have to wait a little longer. Employed people may have to make a lot of compromises for promotion. Virgo women will have to pay special attention to their health this week. A little exercise and diet can make a lot of difference in you.


Ganesha says this week there will be an increase in the confidence of the people of the Libra zodiac. Along with this, your positive thinking can also increase. You will love yourself, the effect of which will also be visible in different areas of your life. Will be able to spend happy time with family and friends. Talking about love life, here new lovers will have to make papad to please their partner. In the midst of bitter and sweet disputes in married life, you can get an opportunity to go somewhere together. Employed people have to be careful at the workplace, someone may try to take credit for your work. Transaction of money should be done carefully, trusting anyone in this matter can prove to be harmful. Some close work can come for financial gain. This is the best time to expand the business. Be careful about your health, and do not forget to seek medical advice if needed.


Ganesha says this week will prove to be moderately fruitful for the people of the Scorpio zodiac. Where they will get success in some areas, there may be losses in some areas. This week, instead of spending on the means of luxury, you should add money for your future. You will also have to discharge your responsibilities towards the family. In the matter of love, you should respect the words of your lover, otherwise, there may be bitterness in the relationship. In married life, you can get an opportunity to enjoy leisure time with your spouse. Do not let any differences arise between you under any circumstances. Employed people will have to work hard to achieve success in the workplace. People associated with government jobs may get transferred this week. People associated with business and personal business can get benefit from expanding the business with a lot of thought. If seen from the point of view of health, this week can prove to be beneficial for the people of the Scorpio zodiac.


Ganesha says this week can prove to be much better for the people of Sagittarius. First of all talk about love life then here you will get to see the different colors of love. You can get an opportunity to go on a romantic dinner with your partner. Along with this, the love between husband and wife will increase in married life and both will complement each other. The economic condition can be much better than before. Apart from getting the desired job, you can also try your luck in business. You can get opportunities to succeed in business. Students will definitely get the fruits of their hard work this week. You may have an estrangement with a family member. If you are planning to buy a car, then you can try it this week. Talking about health, this week you can be troubled by physical pain. The elderly may complain of joint pain. However, with regular medication and yoga, you can feel better to a great extent.


Ganesha says this week can prove to be very beneficial for the people of Capricorn. However, if seen, this week you will have to face ideological differences in married life, due to which a situation of estrangement can arise. Lovers will have to stay away from each other for some time. Your work will be appreciated at the workplace and along with it you can also get a promotion. On the other hand, there will be an atmosphere of happiness and peace in the family. Will be able to spend good time with parents. You may have to work hard to keep the financial situation balanced. Business people need to be a little careful this week, someone close can cheat. This week can prove to be fruitful from the health point of view of the patients with diabetes and blood pressure. You can also get rid of any long-standing disease.


Ganesha says this week can prove to be beneficial in some cases and harmful in some cases for the people of Aquarius. This week you will do something that will make your name in society and people will start knowing you. On the other hand, a situation of discord can also arise in the family regarding something. It would be better to stay away from family matters for some time. Talking about love life, this week is going to be very happy in terms of love. You will get a chance to spend nice romantic moments with your lover. On the other hand, even in married life, you will be able to spend happy moments with your spouse. During this, you can also get an opportunity to go to some cool places. The boss may be angry with some of your work in the field, so be careful. Along with this, someone close will try to take credit for your work, and avoid it. Talking about money and property, you should avoid investing in the share market and property this week. You can be a victim of mental stress regarding something, you may need to take better care of yourself in the direction of health.


Ganesha says this week can be very auspicious and auspicious for the people of Pisces. Especially for married couples, this week can prove to be very beneficial. Spouses will understand your words and will fully support you. The desired relationship can come for the people desirous of marriage. There can be a possibility of completion of any welfare work in the family. You will have a different identity in the workplace and you can get compliments from your senior or boss. Students will need to pay more attention to their studies. Opportunities for monetary gains will come to you at the end of the week, you need to recognize them. This week is especially favorable for you to start a new business. Yes, but you need special attention to health. Keep yourself away from bad habits like alcohol and cigarettes. Consume more fresh fruits and vegetables as much as possible.

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