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Weekly Predictions – 24th to 30th April 2023 By Chirag Daruwalla – Son of Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla


ariesGanesha says this is a powerful week for you and will help you to fulfill your desires. You may be successful in converting disturbances into opportunities. People may try to strike at your confidence. You may accomplish your objectives with tactful dealing. Students will get outstanding results for their performance. Children may have encouraging growth in their ambitions. They should try to spend more time on practice and preparation. The spouse may have health complications related to the head and ears. He/she may try for a change in career. Father may have pressure or delay in business activities. Elder siblings may feel nervous about a career decision. They should try to avoid challenging situations. Younger siblings may finalize marriage with a lover.


TaurusGanesha says the week may give you some unexpected changes. You may face hurdles in achieving progress. The job front may pose both ups and downs. You may need to accommodate yourself to changing situations on the job. The inflow of money may not be good enough to delight you. Keep a check on spending. The relationship may not be very harmonious. You need to strive hard to establish harmony and friendship in the family. Health may be moderate. There may be chances for uneasiness and fatigue that may bother you. You would overcome challenging situations through constructive ideas and new strategies during the week. It would be good if you stay away from an authoritative attitude in order to reduce hostility. Some may encounter problems related to progenies and necessary medical treatment may be required during the same period.


GeminiGanesha says it will be a week with average results. Spiritual pursuits will elevate you to better levels of existence, filling you with tranquil feelings. There are likely chances for you to experience a loss of comfort. To avoid omissions and errors at the workplace, you must remain focused on your tasks. Be prudent in your actions to prevent blunders. The week will not show encouraging trends and there may be possible chances for loss of money. Ensure that you adopt safety measures in handling your money. There will be a lack of interest in family values. Take steps to develop good rapport and relations with close ones. You may be prone to anxiety which may spoil your health. Uneasiness and digestion problems may cause worries. You will feel confident and positive about yourself. Utilize the opportunities coming your way. Gains will be there through overseas trips, speculations, and competitions. Spiritual integrity and pilgrimage to holy places would bestow you happiness and peace of mind. Those dealing with progeny issues should seek medical assistance. Try to be on good terms with your siblings. You would enjoy average domestic happiness even though you are in an honest and transparent attitude.


CancerGanesha says sincerity, honesty, hard work, and good self-confidence will help you overcome challenging situations and enjoy success during the week. Spiritual integrity and journeys undertaken to holy places would bestow success, happiness, and peace of mind till the week. Promotions or elevations in responsibility in your work area can be expected. Listening to music and making yourself relax by watching movies will be good for you. You may need to be patient in your dealings. More attention is required on the work front as you may be subjected to stress that may bother you much. Fluctuations in monetary matters will be present. Avoid making major decisions. Unity may be missing in the family relationship. To make the relationship healthy, you need to make lots of adjustments. Curb your anxiety and this will keep you in good health. Relaxing by doing meditation will be okay.


leoGanesha says devote your time to prayer and meditation as that will give you solace. There is a need for you to adopt a balanced approach to things in general. You may be prone to more work assignments. Take advice from seniors and this will guide you in your work. The financial front will show both expenses and gains. You will be spending more money on your family. Feelings of satisfaction concerning family will be a little difficult thing to see this week. It will not be a week with a smooth flow of ideas. You need to take care of your health as there are likely chances for digestion problems and pain in your legs. Follow a balanced diet. You would see some changes taking place in your life and surroundings. The spiritual inclination would attract you to charity and social welfare. You will be recognized in the social circle. The health of your children would require attention and you also need to be careful of your mother’s health.


virgoGanesha says you can spend the week improvising better methods to achieve good results and learn to adapt yourself to changing conditions. You will achieve progress in work that will give you confidence. You will meet the challenges posed with a determined and steadfast attitude. Financial returns will be good enough, along with some expenses. You will be spending on your family. The family atmosphere will be better and enjoyable, provided you control your emotions and ensure fairness in communication. Health will be generally excellent and is said to be smooth going for you. Concentrate on meditation and other divine practices. A logical cum constructive approach coupled with a strong determination may aid you to reap success in your assignments during the week. You may have a hard time clearing your debts or finding an amicable solution to your disputes during this time of the week. More understanding, clarity of thought, and an impartial attitude will help to minimize enmity. Overseas trips would be possible during the week.


libraGanesha says there would be the stability of mind and inclination towards spiritual interest. There may be a possibility of progeny for a few during the week, but appropriate medical attention may be necessary. Pilgrimage trips to holy places may bring success and happiness in the week. Current status in the profession or a rise in the job may be expected during the second half of the week. Traveling to foreign countries or speculating in stocks or competitive activities may bring prosperity during the week. Participating in music and festive occasions may give you happiness. Your positive frame of mind will enable you to take things lightly. You may be able to succeed in work with support from your subordinates. The atmosphere in the work front may be kind enough to perform well. There are chances for you to gain money by involving yourself in shares/speculation. However, to make things good on the money front, you may need to plan. This week would be average for relationships. You may need to exercise control over emotional upheavals. Health may be moderate. There may be chances for throat pain which may worry you a little bit.


scorpioGanesha says organize and plan for the week. You could see more than average results. This will help you to explore your interests and capitalize on situations. You may need to put a lot of effort into achieving favorable results in your career. Ultimately, success will be yours; the monetary front may give you satisfaction, but you will gain the same after meeting some hurdles. Bright ideas and new strategies will help to win over stressful situations, leading to success during the week. Domestic happiness and peace in a relationship can be enjoyed because of positive communication. Children will fulfill their desires and you will be on good terms with them. Legal issues will get resolved amicably. You may need to bridge the gap that is possible in the family. It is vital that you create feelings of togetherness in the family. Stiffness in joints and back may be possible. Avoid taking cold items and this will keep you in good health.


SagittariusGanesha says this may be a troublesome week for you and may cause conflicts and clashes with friends and neighbors. You may be restless and prefer wandering aimlessly. You may face financial uncertainty also. People may often misunderstand your feelings. Students may get poor results for their toil. Children may face big problems in their professional life. They may succeed in higher education. The spouse may be worried about future prospects. He/she may not have contended with the present status. Father may have financial support through his superior. He should try to reduce expenditure on entertainment or refreshment. Elder siblings may lose money with the sale of a property. Younger siblings may narrowly escape from a serious accident.


CapricornGanesha says this may be a dynamic week for you and may give you tactful dealing to resolve most of your problems. There may be positive changes in his career. You may able to deal with the financial problems during this week. Long journeys may be postponed at the last moment. Students may get success in their efforts. Children may lack concentration in educational matters. The spouse may have nominal gains in speculation or similar activities. He/she should look out for possible errors in their work. Father may have health problems this week. Elder siblings may enjoy success in business activities. They may take up a residential property this week. Younger siblings may get separation from their spouses. They may have to wait for a job call.


AquariusGanesha says this may be a profitable week for you and may cause gains through father or previous investments. You may get a decent appraisal for your previous performance. You may take every challenge in your job and meet with success. There may be encouraging interaction with superiors or colleagues alike. Students may get respectable results for their hard work. Children may have problems with their spouses. They may however enjoy success through the job. The spouse may lack confidence and concentration. He/she may postpone important decisions in life. Father may have to wait for promotion during this week also. Elder siblings may suffer from serious health troubles. Younger siblings may enjoy childbirth or a new job in foreign countries.


PiscesGanesha says this may be a prosperous week for you and will bring financial gains at needy times. You may be satisfied with your efforts in your occupation. There may be steady progress in your projects. People may give good support in different spheres of life. You may plan for a part-time business venture. Students may get normal results for their efforts. Children may face failure in educational matters. It is better to keep them away for quality education. The spouse may have a delay in the declaration of promotion. He/she may have an aggressive outlook during this week. Father may have peace of mind in spite of some health complications. Elder siblings may overcome troubles in a career with patience. Younger siblings may involve in love matters from this week onwards. They should have to focus on the future.

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