Managing Diabetes this Festive Season

Manage Diabetes in Festive Seasons - Seniors Today

The period of feasting and fasting can have an impact on your blood glucose levels

Festivals hold a deep significance in Indian culture and no celebration is complete without sweets and delicious food. Through the year, we have festivals form the harvest season, the triumph of good over evil, festival of lights, colors, you name it. And for every festival there will be a variety of food, especially fried food. Some festivals involve fasting as well only to end with a big feast. We love to celebrate. However, suffering from diabetes could be a hindrance to your celebration.

The period of feasting and fasting can have an impact on your blood glucose levels. Generally, fasting is quite a challenge for most people but it appears to be more of a problem for those with diabetes. If diabetes is to be well controlled, it is essential to eat in a timely manner. However, during fasting for religious reasons, there can be an increase in glucose production in the body and a reduction in insulin levels. This can totally upset the control of diabetes.

Here are some guidelines for seniors to enjoy the festival to the fullest:

Do not skip medication – To enjoy the celebrations you must never forget to have your medication on time. Continue self-monitoring the glucose level and do some light exercises or go for a morning walk.

Fasting – Fasting is not meant for everybody however if you are fasting, avoid starving yourself. When you are fasting hydration is a must. Include a lot of fruits and vegetables in your diet and increase the fiber content of your food using bran.

Feasting – It would be unrealistic to not indulge in festive food. Hence instead of eating three large meals a day, break up your meals into smaller portions of about four to five times a day. This can keep your blood sugar levels more stable. If you are hungry have a handful of nuts instead of sweets.

Share your calories – If you have a box of sweets for yourself avoid gorging on them instead share it with your loved once and have a small bite to satiate your sweet cravings. You can opt for a good quality dark chocolate as it has lower sugar quantity.

Refrain from alcohol – Alcohol contains a large quantity of sugar in it and can increase blood sugar levels dramatically. Hence it would be best for you to avoid alcohol during festivals.

Instead of fried opt for baked/grilled – Instead of snacking on deep-fried samosas and pakoras opt for baked samosas and pakoras.

High Fibre Food – If you are consuming high-calorie foods include high fibre food along as it will help relieve constipation. Avoid eating red meat instead you can have fish.

Pick a smaller plate – A bigger plate will make you consume more and a smaller plate will give you a sense of fullness when you look at your plate.

Finally eat until you are satisfied, not until you are full.

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