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Reminiscing: Madhura Nagarkar

First, I would like to thank seniors today to give me an opportunity to share my story with everyone.

I am Mrs. Madhura Nagarkar a retired front office professional.

To start with I was born in Pune, and spent my early years of my life across the northern part of India, as my father worked for the Indian railways.

Since I was a kid I had great passion for music. My father and mother both promoted me to learn music, in fact my father taught me to play the tabla. I did a few stage programs in my collage days. Rafi sahab, Lata didi, Majroo Sultan Poori are my idols.

But as the years passed by and I grew older, I could not dedicate much time to music. I had to start working at an early age and continued to work still my 50’s. I became busier after marriage. Life was busy with work, kids, house hold responsibilities, etc. But somewhere back of my mind my love for music didn’t let me drift away. Every time I was too stressed or sad, I listened to music or sang a song. This gave me immense pleasure and happiness at the same time.

My husband also has a good ear for music and he promoted me to learn music. After I retired and my son got married I thought to myself that this is the time I should do what  I love.

So around 5 years back I started to learn classical music from Shri.Yadav Raj Phad

After learning for a couple of years I was looking out for a platform which can give me stepping stone and a good opportunity to present my music. Here I came across this wonderful group “Senior’s Today” who promote elderly music enthusiasts like me to present themselves to a wider audience.

Today I am 61 years old and if you ask me what excites me the most I would say playing with my 6 year old grandson and doing my riyaz.

This year I plan to take the “Visharad” musical exam and I am pretty confident I can make it.

To wrap up, I would say there is no single happy or sad moment in one’s life. It’s a journey which gets better as you sink in more. Each moment you live, be it sad or happy. But make sure you create memories and pursue your dreams.

Never give up on anything.
Stay hungry stay foolish.

Signing off,

Madhura Kumar Nagarkar

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