Friday, October 22, 2021

Reminiscing: Vijay Kher

I’m a lover of old golden melodies and some new era film songs too. There are so many nice things to write but I have to curb my emotions.

Hi to all of you…

The Seniors Have Talent the group is doing really very noble work by bringing the hidden talents in the senior citizens who otherwise would have remained hidden ever. I’m one of the participants & one of the winners of the competition arranged by this group in January 2021. 

Firstly I heartily give my humble bow to this group. Like all the participants I also was waiting for such a golden opportunity & at last I got it. 

Right from day one we all got really warm treatment from the active members of this group (like Archana & Furquan).

Time to time we all received detailed information & guidance from these people. There were participants from all over the world which shows how far this group has extended the inspiring gesture & hard efforts.

These people really value the music & respect the ‘’singing old birds.’’

 The Host Jiya is very young in age & has a very charming appearance which gives a feeling of granddaughter. 

All the participants were very very enthusiastic & energetic, giving their best performances. There are so many nice things to write but I have to curb my emotions.  This Group is immensely doing a noble work for which it demands the Blessings of all senior people. 

I once again pour my best wishes & pray that Almighty showers his best blessings on this group all the time.

I, from the bottom of my heart, Thank this group, give them my best wishes for such golden service to music. 

Mortals have become Immortals thru this group named Seniors have Talent.

I was one of the participants & winners of Seniors Have Talent singing competition.

By education I am a postgraduate (M.Com) and have my own business of Interior decoration (contractor). 

By God’s grace I’m very happy in my life. My basic nature is that of an artist especially interested in singing. In school days I was a 1st numbered winner out of 250 school students (150 schools’ students participated) in a singing competition.

I’m a lover of old golden melodies and of course even some new era film songs too.

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