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Ask the Doctor: Dr Deepak K Jumani

Q: My wife and I are senior citizens living in a small town in Bengal. We keep hearing about terms like erogenous zones in our body. What are they, and how does one discover them?

A: Certain areas of our body, especially parts of the skin which sexcite us and give us pleasure are known as Erogenous Zones.  Their sensitivity is due to a rich supply of nerve-endings which pick up touch.  During a sexual encounter, touch stimulus becomes sexual stimuli.  As you kiss and stroke various parts of your partner’s body, he or she should let you know immediately what effect your touch has, and you should always express the rising excitement that you feel. Mutual feedback is needed.

For a couple stimulation of erogenous zones begins with the hands and fingers, but, of course, there is a more intense response if touched by mouth, lips and tongue.

In a Man’s body certain areas which are pleasurable for him when touched are shoulders, the palms of the hands, the back, the chest and the nipples.  The whole of a man’s genital area responds to the slightest touch, and within this area there are many specific points to be explored

In a Woman’s body, the scene is amazing. Every part of skin is an erogenous zone from head to toe. However, there are certain areas where stimulation results in more intense arousal.

However, these areas differ and vary from woman to woman.

Discovering and exploring your partner’s erogenous zones should be loving, caring and thoughtful and not simply mechanical. Every woman should try to discover as much as possible about her man’s body and every man should experiment to find out what exactly will please his partner. Couples should learn and find out which certain parts of the body will provide pleasure and stimulate when touched.

According to Tantra, kissing a woman on her upper lips excites her clitoris  due to the existence of a subtle energetic channel ( NADI ) that connects the palate, the upper lip and the clitoris. Similarly Kissing the lower lips of a man sexcites him.


Q.2. Doctor I am 44-year-old and have been on medicines for hypertension which is under control since the last 7 years.  Some weeks back after the intercourse I found blood in my semen which alarmed me, and I have stopped having sex after that episode. What could be the reason?

A.2. Pinkish or reddish semen is known as hemospermia. This is due to the presence of blood in the semen. The blood in the semen could be due to many reasons. Commonest cause is the small veins in the upper part of urethra may rapture during an erection or even some patients of high blood pressure. There is nothing to be alarmed about as these raptures heal by themselves within a few minutes even though the semen may be slightly discolored for a few days. However, consult your doctor and get your blood pressure controlled immediately.


Prof Dr Deepak K Jumani Senior Sexual Health Physician & Counselor,  Talk to me at 9821044556, Write to me at deepak.jumani@gmail.com.

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