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Tips for Healthy Bathroom Hygiene

Even the cleanest bathroom is a host to millions of bacteria that require you to be alert

On average a healthy adult uses the bathroom between 6-10 times a day.  Your bathroom habits may not be something you pay attention to daily. But it has a huge impact on your health. Maintaining a healthy bathroom regime can add years to your life. 

Small things, like the dry bathroom floors, using fresh towels, and using an elevated block while pooping can affect your health in ways you probably didn’t realize.

Here are some healthy bathroom habits you should adopt to live a healthy life. 

1. Keep your bathrooms well ventilated 

The bathroom is one place that gathers a lot of moisture which makes room for bacteria and mildew to grow. To avoid bacterial growth, open the window for some ventilation. 

Air circulation will help reduce the moisture from the air and prevent mildew infestation. 

2. Use a fresh towel after a shower

Once you use a towel post-shower and dry yourself, the towel contains moisture and microparticles that attract bacteria. The best way to avoid any kind of bacterial growth on your towel is to use a fresh one each time. Also, it is important to be careful about drying your towels. 

Placing a slightly damp towel on a hook can lead to mildew growth in the folds. The best way to dry out the towel is by spreading it open and hanging it on a bar. 

3. Use a liquid dispenser instead of a soap bar

Since bathrooms gather a lot of bacteria it is best to use a soap dispenser because it is hygienic. A soap bar kept in a dish is unhygienic as the dish becomes a host to germs. 

4. Get your toilets cleaned regularly

Nobody likes to pee or poop in a toilet that looks clean but stinks. Getting your toilets cleaned regularly, even when they look clean is crucial. At least twice a week get your toilets cleaned with a heavy-duty cleaner and replace the air freshener, keep a toilet spray bottle handy on a tray that you can use before and after every trip. 

5. Make sure that the bathroom floor is dry 

One of the most important factors when it comes to bathrooms are dry floors. Especially for seniors, a wet floor can lead to a fall which should be avoided at all costs. Having a dry bathroom floor helps maintain cleanliness for a longer period.

6. Close the lid while flushing 

Do you close the lid while flushing? Make it a habit to close the lid every time you flush. When you flush and the water swirls all the particles spraying into the air. These particles settle onto your belongings – such as towels, toothbrushes, sink and other products. 

7. Pee hygiene 

Do you often make a trip to the bathroom before heading out? That is a bad habit because you must pee only when your bladder is full. When your bladder is half empty and you put pressure on it, over time it weakens your pelvic muscle. In the long run, this habit makes it difficult to hold your pee resulting in urgency. Another factor to keep in mind is to avoid peeing while you are showering. This habit can result in pee urges whenever you see or hear running water because you have confused your brain by peeing in running water. 

8. Squat while pooping 

Your sitting posture should be correct whenever you are pooping. The correct way to poop is in a squat position. You may be wondering how one can squat on a commode – this can be achieved by placing a small elevated block in front of the pot. There are various stools available in the market, especially for this purpose.

9. Avoid taking your phone to the bathroom 

If you like taking your phone to the bathroom then you should put a stop to it. Phones or any other gadgets can become a carrier of germs. You may wash your hands thoroughly but your gadgets remain in the same status spreading bathroom germs to your bed, sofa and your dining table.

10. Don’t sit for too long on the commode

It is an unhealthy habit to sit on a commode for too long. Perhaps you are reading a book, or just sitting for too long. This habit in the long run can add too much pressure on the veins and lead to haemorrhoids. Especially if you suffer from rectal bleeding it would be best to keep any distractions – phones, books outside the bathroom. 

Bad bathroom habits can cause upset stomach and skin problems. You may think that if the bathroom looks clean there are fewer or maybe no germs in it. But just like sleeping, eating, and exercising, having a healthy bathroom regime is of great importance. 

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