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Weekly Predictions – 13th to 19th March 2023 By Chirag Daruwalla


Ganesha says the mind will be influenced by progressive thoughts. There will be new opportunities for progress. Positive thinking in a new direction will definitely bring results. Politicians’ grip on governance will be strong. The mind will be confused in taking any important decision. Ongoing efforts in education competitions will be fruitful. Continuous hard work will bring some new successes. Control sensitivity and anger this week, otherwise there is a possibility of bitterness in the relationship. The job environment will be a bit distasteful for government employees. Good profit opportunities will keep the mind happy this week. Progress is possible with the implementation of new schemes in the economic sector.


Ganesha says there will also be some worries this week. Accidental livelihood-related travel may have to be done. Old poignant incidents will be effective on the mind. Will solve the stalled tasks this week. Relations with high-level people will be intense. Do not mind every little thing of the family members. Expenditure is possible in fulfilling family obligations. This week, the mind will be worried about the collection of material comforts. There will be busyness for government employees. Expenditure more than income, fear of economic imbalance will disturb the mind.


Ganesha says if you stop criticizing others, then this week you will get good benefits from relationships. Old problems will be conquered. Walk beyond emotion in favor of the practical world. The mind will be ready to face the toughest problems with full enthusiasm. The mind will be influenced by auspicious aspirations. New circumstances will communicate new talents in you. Staying away from home for some important work will be unpleasant. This week, the effect of spiritual feelings will be on the mind. Time will be good for the students. Be careful while traveling this week. Avoid laziness in important work.


Ganesha says new aspirations will be effective on the mind. Will climb to the destination of new successes through struggle. The mind surrounded by negative worries will take refuge in God. Progress is possible with efficiency. Unfavorable situations will become a hindrance in the workplace. Students should not be negligent in education. This week, despite proper hard work, the mind will remain worried due to not getting the desired results. Students should not be negligent in the education competition, otherwise, the results can be bad. The mind will be excited this week. Will be able to make the plans fruitful. Popularity and supremacy will increase in the job profession.


Ganesha says there are chances of solving any important work that has been stuck for a long time. Prove your worth by showing your talent in the workplace by having faith in yourself. This week the mind thinking about moral-immoral will not be able to keep pace with the physical environment. Beware of secret enemies masquerading as friends. New business relations will get intensified this week. Will get the benefit of governance. Will be popular with creative works. Support from parents and seniors will be received. The job environment will be pleasant. Will get emotional support from the life partner.


Ganesha says it is not possible that everything will be in your favor. That’s why work at full capacity in every situation. This time will be busy for government employees. Along with being talented, if you also become a little expressive, then you will get successful soon. This week, hard work will be intense for the meaningfulness of any important work. The mind will be happy with the favorable situation in the workplace. There will be busyness related to social discharge. Your talent will flourish in the business sector. This week, there will be dissatisfaction in the mind due to not getting the desired success in the areas of effort. Politicians may have to face some upheaval.


Ganesha says forget the old things and start life afresh. Some new challenges will come but maintain morale and patience. Currently, this week is full of struggles and worries. Pay attention to the health of the spouse. Do not increase ego in important relationships. Along with being busy in the workplace, also pay attention to fulfilling family obligations on time. The family atmosphere will be pleasant this week. Expenditure is possible in material comforts. There will be chances of fulfilling some important family obligations. This week, a rift with a colleague on the job is possible. Don’t take any decision in a rush. A mind focused on romantic relationships can be emotionally draining.


Ganesha says economic and family concerns will put pressure on the mind. Will try to save the family and spread love throughout the week. Will take full advantage of his practical skills in the workplace. The planetary compatibility of the current transit is very beneficial for you. The mind will be worried due to someone being unwell in the family. Government employees will find some changed conditions in the job pleasant. Any important stalled work in the family will be seen to be resolved. This week attraction toward the opposite sex can cause tension. Laziness can deprive you of important benefits. Do not mind the words of family members.


Ganesha says do not be negligent towards moral duties. You are receiving the unique cooperation of time very strongly. Criticizing others and talking here and there will tarnish your image. Keep your distance from people of flattering nature. This week there will be chances to completion of religious work in the family. Your good wishes will be successful in purpose. Will take advantage of intellectual ability in the workplace. Do not be negligent in any kind of legal matter this week. There may be difficulty in traveling for some important work. Emotional attachment towards your spouse will make you energetic.


Ganesha says will be popular for implementing an important plan. It is a good chance to correct old mistakes. That’s why to leave old grudges and make relationships sweet. Good wishes will awaken in the mind this week. Haste and haste in you is your biggest shortcoming, due to which you often suffer losses. Proximity to politicians and political activism will increase. Material pleasures will increase. Trouble is possible in the job environment this week due to the behavior of a colleague or officer. Emotional expectations will be painful in close relationships. Take care of your health to keep pace with the changing weather. The mind will be worried about the happiness and sorrow of the family members. There will be happiness and prosperity in the house.


Ganesha says forget the past and try to live in the present. There will be chances of profit in employment. A shaky mind will not be able to focus on the goal. Difficulties are possible due to attraction towards opposite-sex relations. There is a sum of expenditure in the family. This week, the mind will be worried about the efficient fulfillment of any important responsibility. Increase your activation and move towards progress. Will try to implement new schemes with enthusiasm. This week, due to not getting the support of family members, the mind will be upset. Avoid laziness in important work. Take care of your spouse’s health. There will be happiness and prosperity in the house.


Ganesha says this week there will be a feeling of peace with divine faith. Your combative nature is capable of facing every problem. The effect of a new feeling will give rise to a new relationship. The mind will be full of old poignant incidents. Taking care of your stature and dignity in the family, bring proper gentleness in all relations. Interest in creative and social work will increase this week. Suddenly getting some good news will make the mind happy. This week, the mind will be worried due to obstruction in some important work. There will be intensity in old relations but avoid slander and slander. Be careful of the activism of opponents in the workplace. Your serious nature reduces emotional exchanges in relationships. Try to improve it.

Chirag Daruwalla
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