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Birthday Predictions – 18th to 24th March 2024 By Astrologer Chirag Daruwalla

18th March

Ganesha says that today your expenses may increase, due to which it may be difficult for you to save. Investments made during this period may give good returns eventually, if not immediately. Academic excellence and participation in extra-curricular activities can be acknowledged by students. Although slow progress in work and arguments over small matters may make you angry and even affect your health, at the end of the year you may be happy and satisfied with your achievements. Despite your irregular behavior, your spouse’s support will remain.


19th March

Ganesha says that today there may be financial gains from various sources, but uncertainty regarding your relationship may leave a stain on your record of success and achievements. Socializing, gatherings and pleasant outings can all be frequent and enjoyable. Wedding bells may be ringing for those who are eligible, and others may be looking for a romance to keep them going. Don’t trust others excessively. Planning and managing your time can be important.


20th March

Ganesha says that at this time, a promotion or an increase in responsibilities can be a reason for happiness for you. Your profile may gain some sophistication with new initiatives. At home, there can be a healthier, more loving environment that can promote prosperity and excellent health. Professionals willing to work abroad may be welcome. Housewives may have to deal with the problem of frequent visits from family and friends. It is possible to go on a spiritual journey to a distant place.


21st March

Ganesha says that this year you should not spend too much of your time and money. Make the most of the opportunities available to raise your income and standard of living. You’ll have a lot more confidence and motivation, and you’ll probably get a lot of support along the way. Attending cultural events can be entertaining and educational. New collaborations can be profitable and investments can yield returns. Your position in the social group may improve.


22nd March

Ganesha says that this year you will get the opportunity to raise your standard of living through new contacts you make. Your professional growth should be your main focus as it can give the required results. Your parents’ health may be a matter of concern, but your spouse and children may be supportive. If you go out and join clubs and social activities, you will be very successful socially. A distant pilgrimage is on the horizon for some of you.


23rd March

Ganesha says that people at the workplace constantly give you important responsibilities because they trust you. Unresolved issues can be resolved. You may receive awards and acceptance as you enter this new phase of your life. Your parents’ health may be a matter of concern, but your spouse and children may be supportive. Additionally, your financial situation may improve, and you will feel more secure and satisfied in all your endeavors. Marriage is a relationship for a select few lovers. Religious practices and pilgrimages can provide peace.


24th March

Ganesha says profits in your career are almost certain, but rising costs may worry you. There may be instances when your achievements exceed your expectations, but for the most part, you may have to work hard to achieve minimal results. Your relationship with your spouse may be friendly and balanced, but you have to stop yourself from being too stubborn as this may create an uncomfortable situation at home.

Chirag Daruwalla
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