Friday, October 7, 2022

Food Review: McDonald’s. Ordering in a Burger is a Bad Idea

If u want to eat a burger go to McDonald’s or Burger King whichever you prefer but don’t Swiggy it. All in all, it was a bad idea, writes Vickram Sethi.

Just to check out the efficiency of these delivery sites, I placed an order on Swiggy and Zomato.

This is how it went.

On Swiggy, I ordered a McSpicy Chicken Meal that was to be collected from Churchgate. 

From Zomato, I order a Filet-O-Fish Meal to be collected from the Fort area as the sites give you this option.

Swiggy showed a delivery time of 31 minutes and it was delivered two minutes earlier, Zomato showed a delivery time of 35 minutes and it was delivered five minutes late. (I have included the photograph of the package).

The burgers had lost their freshness, the patties were cold, and the mayonnaise was not giving it the desired taste. 

The chips had lost their form – they were flaccid and inedible.

The ice in the Coke had caused condensation, and the packaging was soggy.

All in all, it was a bad idea.

 Burgers should be had fresh and that’s really the best way to eat them.

 Next time, I want to eat a burger at a McDonald’s or Burger King, I have decided to go to the restaurant and eat it there. 

McDonald’s – various outlets

Order from or Swiggy/Zomato/other food ordering platforms

Timings vary as per outlet


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