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Gul Poli – (Maharashtrian Jaggery & Sesame Stuffed Flatbread)

Gul Poli is prepared by Maharastrians on the day of ‘Makar Sankranti’,  the harvest festival. 

The core ingredients are jaggery & sesame seeds which keeps the body warm and provide adequate nutrition required during winter. 



1/2 kg kolhapuri chikki gool – grate or finely chop so there are no hard pieces in it.

1 katori besan

3/4 katori oil

1/2 katori til 

1/4 katori khaskhas




– Heat oil and fry besan til fragrant. 

– Dry roast both these separately. Grind to fine powder along with elaichi 

– Once the besan is done add the Gul to it while its hot along with til and khaskhas. Mix well. Put it through a food processor if you feel the need. You should be able to make smooth ladoos

– For this much Gul you will need 4.5 katori of atta. I used 1 katori maida and 2-3 T besan and rest normal atta. Add 1 tsp oil per katori of atta. Make a dough same consistency as the Gul

– And then make small balls divide into 2 stuff the Gul in between seal the sides tightly and roll into Poli using rice flour for the peethi 

– Roll as thin as possible

– Roast on a very slow heat till they change colour slightly. Be patient with the roasting. Then they will come out crisp

– Roasting the besan and then adding the gool keeps the gool soft and pliable, as against melting the gool and then adding roasted besan and other ingredients

– 17-18 med size polya

– Have Gul Poli warm with a teaspoon of home made ghee and some warm milk or tea.


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