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  1. Seniors need to be extra careful of the Novel Coronavirus

A new coronavirus that causes pneumonia-like symptoms and is life threatening to the senior community

  1. Keep the Coronavirus at Bay

Coronavirus displays symptoms of cold and flu and is highly contagious in nature

  1. Is it Coronavirus or the Flu?

The symptoms may be similar but the intensity differs, flu appears instantly whereas coronavirus appears gradually

  1. Prepare for a Potential Outbreak: Coronavirus Covid-19

Things you need to know about Covid-19

  1. Some Frequently Asked Questions about Coronavirus

Know A to Z about Covid-19

  1. 13 Facts that Debunk the Myths about Coronavirus

 A Fact-check about Covid-19

  1. 8 Ways to Prevent Infections on Flights

Airports have become an infection prone zone, preventive measures while flying

  1. How Super Spreaders make Covid-19 a viral infection gone rogue

An individual can infect a group of people without having the knowledge of possessing the infection is the super spreader

  1. Seniors are more Vulnerable to Covid-19

A plan to protect yourself against coronavirus

  1. 6 Ways to Stay Well and Healthy even as you’re holed up at home

Simple ways to cheer up your well-being

  1. 4 Tips to Avoid Touching your Face

Touching your face can get you infected

  1. Don’t Let Covid-19 Stress You Out

Lockout the stress while you are locked in

  1. If you aren’t vigilant, Coronavirus can sneak into your home

Know the difference between cleaning and disinfecting

  1. Technology: An Indispensable Social Tool during Coronavirus Crisis

Socialising the digital way, maintaining the distance

  1. Coping with Quarantine

Your mental health does need your attention

  1. How Vitamin C can help fight Viruses?

Boost your immune system

  1. 9 Ways Covid-19 has Prepared us for a New Life

Because this too shall pass, hence you need to be prepared for a new beginning

  1. Is it Safe to have Sex in the times of Coronavirus?

It’s time to be creative in bed. Suit up!

  1. 10 Simple Ways to Prevent Overeating in the Lockdown

Refrain from eating your emotions

  1. 10 Healthy Snacks under 200 calories to Prevent Overeating in the Lockdown

Be conscious about healthy eating to keep the energy up

  1. Face mask to protect vulnerable people against coronavirus in shared public spaces

When you step out to get the essentials, wear a mask

  1. Co-isolate & Stay Married: Keep Your Relationship Healthy through the Covid-19 Pandemic

Keep calm, you are both in this together

  1. Are you really washing your hands correctly and safely?

Singing happy birthday while washing hands is the way to go

  1. Telehealth: Is this the future of Medical?

While stepping out can be dangerous, you can book an appointment with your doctor online

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