Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Creative Corner – Poetry & Short Stories

Poems by Santhanam Krishnan

Never cry

Leaves dry
and leave..
the Tree never cries

Droplets leave
freely fall
on the ground …….
the Cloud never cries

The Sun leaves
the night rolls in……
the Day never cries

Stars fade
as day dawns……..
the Sky never cries

A baby leaves
mother’s womb……..
turning her
a bundle of joy

Seeds sprout
off the ground straight
giving birth to a tiny sapling……….
the Earth never cries

Spare your tears
when things leave

Build and store
For, what goes out
will come in
when the season starts!


Bowls out

“Why do people get heart attacks?”,
queried a little child to mother
on its way over black Macadam
under blue sky

I overheard as I was floating
in my thoughts, a little behind

“Because they are old and sick …
some are fat, smoke or drink
lots …. may be other reasons too”
dragged on, mother

“Ah! Mom” hastily interrupted the child
“First thing is they all have a
heart… don’t they?”

Sometimes tender innocence
bowls out the hardened wisdom!


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