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Lingua Indica | Gujarati Proverbs

Some unforgettable Gujarati proverbs to get you in a philosophical mood…


  1. Bakru kaadhata oont pethu

Translation – While driving out a goat a big camel steps in.

Meaning –Out Of frying pan, into the fire.

(Facing bigger problem while solving the small one)


  1. Mama nu ghar ane Maa pirasnaar

Translation – While you are in your uncle’s place where your own mother is serving you food.

Meaning – Very Favorable Situation


  1. Bhes Bhaagole, ane chhash chhaagole

Translations – Buffalo is far way and you are imagining churning buttermilk.

Meaning- Counting the chickens before they are hatched

(Expecting Too Much Too Soon)


  1. Pehlu sukh te jaate naryaa

Translation – Your own good health is the real happiness.

Meaning – One has to be in good health to enjoy goodness of life.

(Often Used By Gandhi Ji)


  1. Lobhiya hoi tya dhutaara bhukhe naa mare

Translation – Thieves and robbers will never starve where greedy and miser people with lots of money live.

Meaning – Thieves and robbers will thrive, where there are greedy people around.


  1. Suka bhegu lilu pan bale

Translation – While burning dry grass you may also end up burning green grass.

Meaning – While eliminating bad things, you may somewhat harm good things as well.


  1. Gharada gaada vaale

Translation – Senior People will successfully lead large group of people. (village saying)

Meaning – Wisdom and experience of Senior People should always be respected.


  1. Haldar naa gaanthiye gandhi naa thavaay

Translation- With the piece of turmeric, one cannot be gandhi (herbal medicine seller)

Meaning – With little knowledge one cannot be a scholar


  1. Adhuro ghado chhalkaay ghano

Translation – Half filled vessel will always spill more.

Meaning – Those with little knowledge will brag more and show off.


  1. Laxmi chandalo karwa aave tyaare kapaal dhova naa javaay

Translation – When Maa Laxmi comes to put Kumkum on your forehead, you should not go to wash the forehead.

Meaning – When opportunity knocks your door, just grab it and not wait for anything.

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