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Reminiscing: I feel great after taking part in Seniors Have Talent! – Kamlesh Dave

Seniors like me need to strengthen their humanitarian activities for the seniors or any other deprived class of the society

My name is Kamlesh Dave and am 63 years old, born and brought up in Mumbai but presently living in Vapi for the last 15 years. I work as a finance manager in a private company here.

Here I would like to share my experience with the noble group Seniors Have Talent which I believe will remain as memorable golden experiences in my life so far.

Singing, listening to music have been a passion in my life ever since I was born and as such, I was looking for an opportunity to bring before the audience my talent of singing. 

Nowadays there are many professional clubs or orchestra groups who tempt the amateur singers taking money from them for singing but there also the entry level is restricted to the age of 60 and the seniors above 60 rarely get a chance to take part in such events. 

Not only in the musical events but also in many contests like, dancing, sports etc. I have often observed that the seniors are kept aside as the normal thinking of some of the youth in the society is that the seniors are just buddhas or buddhism and often tend to neglect them.

किसी ने खूब कहा है की बुढ़ापा उम्र का वो मक़ाम है की जहा पर व्यक्ति में, जिंदगी का सारा अनुभव, हुनर और आत्मविश्वास होने के बावजूद भी उसे पूछने वाला या मौका देने वाला कोई नहीं होता है.

Then came the time when I came to know from Facebook about the Seniors Have Talent group, that organises the weekly singing and musical contests to encourage the seniors to bring out their hidden talents of singing and musical senses besides doing many medical and advisory activities for the seniors.

Knowing this, I immediately sent my video songs to the group with a desire to be part of their next contest and fortunately I was selected as a participant for Season-2, Round-1, Group-E and by Grace of God in the contest; I even got selected by Editor’s Choice and thereby entered into the Grand Finale to be held on 17th January 2021.

I would never forget the moment when my name was announced as Editor’s choice, my joy knew no bounds as it was my dream coming true. At that moment I thanked and blessed the selectors and the organisers of SHT group from the bottom of my heart. That was an awesome and memorable event as the cute host Jeeyana and the technician Furkaan helped and guided the aged participants with utmost care and with great respect and courtesy.

I have read almost all the magazines for the seniors provided by the group to me so far and I sincerely appreciate the efforts like providing medical guidance, sharing spiritual articles, and issuing advisories to the seniors etc., the organisers are taking, to take care of the seniors that I believe very few youngsters might be taking for their own elders in today’s society.

I am so impressed with the activities of the group for seniors that I am encouraging all my senior friends and relatives to join the group as early as possible.  I also wish the group huge success, and  may the organisers always keep getting blessings from God and seniors like me to strengthen their humanitarian activities for the seniors or any other deprived class of society.


Thanks, Namaskar

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