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Weekly Predictions  – 19th to 25th December 2022 By Chirag Daruwalla

Weekly Predictions  – 19th to 25th December 2022 By Chirag Daruwalla – Son of Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla


Ganesha says this week the burden of work and responsibilities will be more on you. But for better health, you are advised to avoid overworking. By giving you not only stress but also fatigue, it can create problems for you. However, during this time there will be a possibility of immense success in connecting with many new sources and earning financial benefits from the businessmen associated with foreign countries. For this, you will need to prepare from the beginning and adopt the right strategy. This week you can invite your old friends or close ones for a gathering. Because during this time you will have extra energy, which will inspire you to organize a party or event. However, before doing anything like this, do consult your family members. This week, you can get some work in the office, which you always wanted to do. But avoid losing consciousness in haste and enthusiasm and try to complete that work before time without any carelessness. Only then you will be able to ensure your promotion. All those students of this zodiac who are thinking of going abroad can get good news.All those students of this zodiac who are thinking of going abroad can get good news. However, for this, you will need to focus on your goal.


Ganesha says the elders of this zodiac need to take special care of their health this whole week. For this, go to the park in the morning and evening, walk for about 30 minutes and avoid going to dusty places as far as possible. On the other hand, in the beginning of the week, your comforts will increase. You will also look ready to complete it. However, during this time you will have to spend more than your accumulated money, which can also cause some financial stress in between. This week, you can help other women of the house by taking interest in domestic work yourself. Apart from increasing respect in the family, this will strengthen your relationship with other members. You may feel some boredom this week due to less work in the workplace. In such a situation, you can make good use of your free time and try to complete all those tasks which could not be completed earlier. This week it is possible that for the exam for which you were working twice as hard as before, you may not get the desired results. This can also hurt your reputation at home.


Ganesha says this week, keep yourself careful about your health and do not be negligent even about the smallest problem. If any problem is troubling you, then instead of treating it at home, you need to consult a good doctor immediately. You may have to face trouble due to the increase of your minor problem. Due to a sudden big profit, you can decide to invest your money in some big investment. But right now you are advised not to make any investment in haste. Because it is possible that, if you do not test all possible risks, you may be at an increased risk of loss in the future. You may suffer some financial loss due to the breakdown of any equipment or vehicle in the family. In such a situation, take care of the maintenance of these things from the beginning and be careful about them. Take special care of the speed while driving, otherwise, the vehicle may get damaged. This week is showing a suitable and better combination for starting a new job or investing somewhere. In such a situation, if you start any investment or new work during this period, then there is a possibility of good profit. If you are preparing for any entrance exam, study more carefully this week than before. You should also take out some time in between studies to improve your health. Otherwise, ill health can become a cause of trouble.


Ganesha says in terms of health, this week is going to be slightly better than normal for your health. Especially the beginning of the week will be good, you will find yourself very healthy mentally and physically. However, in this time of fun and party, you should avoid the consumption of alcohol, otherwise, your health may deteriorate. People of your sign should avoid taking any risk related to money this week. You are likely to suddenly gain money from many places. But you need to prepare yourself well for every situation before using the money at this point in time. An invitation to the prize distribution ceremony for your child will give a pleasant feeling to you and the family. He will live up to your expectations and you will see your dreams come true through him, due to which the moisture in your eyes will be clearly visible. All those people at the workplace, who were coming in the way of your success, will be seen sliding before your eyes. This will increase your morale as well as increase your confidence and you will be able to try to complete every task faster than before. Those students of your zodiac who are appearing in any competitive examination and want to achieve success in it will be able to achieve success during this period on the strength of their courage and self-confidence. But keep in mind that for this you will have a special need to please your teachers and improve your relations with them.


Ganesha says this week, due to the stress related to your career, you may have to suffer from some minor illness. So spend some time with friends and family to calm your mind and if possible plan to go on a short trip with them. You will get proper appreciation and promotion from your seniors at the workplace. Due to the increase in your income, you will earn good money. But the increase in your expenses during this time will make it difficult for you to save money. In such a situation, intensify your efforts towards increasing your bank balance while keeping control over your open hands. You can invite your old friends or close ones to the gathering. Because during this time you will have extra energy, which will inspire you to organize a party or event. However, before doing anything like this, do consult your family members. The businessmen who were thinking of expanding their business for a long time may get some good news this week. Because there is a possibility that this time will bring an increase in your creativity so that you can take such a better step for your business, which will give you both profit and progress. If you were trying to get admission to a foreign school or college for the last several days, then this week you will have to wait for even more after all your efforts. Because due to an incomplete document, your hard work can turn into water.


Ganesha says stress can have a direct impact on your health as well and you will feel something similar this week as well. The ongoing turmoil in your personal life especially this week will be the main reason for the increase in your stress, due to which your health may deteriorate. People who had taken any kind of loan or loan in the past may face difficulties in repaying the loan amount this week. The biggest reason behind this could be your not depositing your money. So make efforts towards saving your money from now itself. To go on a picnic with your family or friends, the best time is during the middle of the day. Not only will this put your mind at ease, but it will also help you improve your relationship with them. Your superiors may dislike watching a web series on your mobile during free time at work this week. This will also affect your image in front of them. Students will need to understand that it is not wise to postpone everything related to education till the end of the week. Because a week passes in the blink of an eye, after which you may face a crunch of time. Therefore, do not let laziness dominate you, and try to complete the rest of the work immediately.


Ganesha says starting off this week will be good in terms of health as positive changes will be seen in your health. As a result, you may decide to join a gym at this time as well. This week will prove to be auspicious in terms of money. In such a situation, the problems which were being faced earlier in taking any economic decision are likely to be completely removed at this time. With its help, you will be able to take any decision related to investment and it is possible that you will also get money from it. If there are elders in the family, then this week their unnecessary demands and their excessive expectations from you can bother you. Due to this, your family life will be stressful, as well as its negative effect can also disturb your work area. This week, businessmen will have to avoid signing any business/legal document without understanding it deeply and reading it properly. Otherwise, you can get yourself in big trouble. So don’t be in a hurry and don’t be negligent towards the documents. This week many students will find it difficult to understand some of their subjects, but in spite of this, they will be able to overcome it and achieve success in this too. In such a situation, during this time they will need to make continuous efforts and be aware of their goal.


Ganesha says emotionally this week will not be good for you. Because during this time you will be seen in a state of confusion regarding many big decisions in your life. Due to this, your mental stress will also increase. You have to understand that spending more than your capacity in front of others is not wise, but foolish.You have to understand that spending more than your capacity in front of others is not wise, but foolish. Understand this thing and avoid doing this, only then you will be able to save your money. This week you will feel a little irritable due to the behavior of the people around you, especially the family members. This will also increase your mental stress, as well as it is also possible that you may have a dispute with them. It is possible that suddenly you may be asked to take on some important roles and responsibilities at the workplace, for which you will be completely unable to take a decision this week. In such a situation, you can also take such a decision with enthusiasm, which will give you negative results in the future. This week, the conditions in family life will be seen to be normal, due to which your mind will be engaged in studies. This will also give you freedom from distractions and as a result, you will be seen moving toward success in your examinations.


Ganesha says if you were unwell then this week you will need to work on many things and activities that can improve your health. So to keep yourself healthy, improve your bad habits and keep yourself away from spicy food while taking good food. This week, if you make any investment by listening to others, then the financial loss is almost certain. That’s why avoid investing money anywhere on the advice of others and act wisely. Happiness, peace, and prosperity are about to come into your family life. In such a situation, you can plan to visit a religious place or a relative’s place with the whole family. This week you have to avoid starting any new project or partnership business with anyone. Because there is a possibility that at this time you can take such a decision without thinking far, due to which you may have to suffer loss in future. This week students will get very good results in the field of higher education. During this time you can also get the good news of entering a good place. In such a situation, especially the students who are dreaming of going abroad for studies, their dream will be fulfilled at this time.



Ganesha says at the beginning of this week itself, you will see a visible improvement in your health by the grace of luck. You have to avoid traveling long distances and if any travel is necessary then go on a journey only after getting your medical checkup done. Most of the employed people who are associated with any sales or marketing will get success in completing their target ahead of time. This will also give them a chance to earn good money. Not only can they earn a lot of money from this, but they can also ensure an increase in their income. Because luck will be with you this time, so don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Will make sudden arrival of guests possible. This will bring peace to the family environment. During this time you will get a chance to have delicious food at home, as well as you will spend most of the evening with the guests. Employed people should avoid talking here and there in the office this week. Because the effect of Shani will be on your own zodiac i.e. your first house. So avoid doing this, or else you may find yourself caught in workplace politics. This will tarnish your image. If you are studying politics or social service then this time will be good for you. On the other hand, information technology students are also seen getting complete success during this period.


Ganesha says this week you are specially instructed that instead of getting bored sitting at home, spend your extra time fulfilling your hobbies or doing those things which you enjoy doing the most. Because with this you will be able to keep yourself stress-free to a great extent. You may have to spend a lot of your money this week on the health of a family member. This can worsen your financial condition. But this will not only increase your status in the family, but also you will be able to improve your relations with the family members. This week you will need to understand that you should spend some of your time with the children of the house. Even if you have to do something special for this because only by doing this you will be able to understand what is going on in their mind and you will be able to improve your relationship with them. You may face some conflicts in relations with your siblings, friends, relatives, and co-workers. Might be possible. Its effect will bring negativity to your mind and you will fail to think of any plan to move ahead in your career. If you have to choose your career this week, then you will have to avoid taking any decision related to it under any kind of pressure. Do not take any decision for which your mind and your heart do not agree.


Ganesha says if you were troubled by diseases like acidity, indigestion, and arthritis, then at the beginning of this week you will be likely to get some relief from these diseases. However, in spite of this, you are advised to protect yourself from minor problems like cold and flu that occur from time to time. The plans made earlier regarding economic matters become completely useless. Due to this, you will have to take money on a loan and at the same time, you can also come under mental stress. This week you will be seen making efforts on your part to improve family life. During this time the health of parents will improve, which will help you in getting their proper support. Your younger siblings will also be able to take proper opinions from you. In every strategy and plan made by you in the past for achieving every task and goal in the workplace, someone in the office can put an obstacle. This will cause you a lot of trouble, so keep your eyes open and be aware of the activities happening around you. Students are likely to get sudden success this week. So stay focused on your goal and work hard, and stay away from those people who waste most of your time on unnecessary things.

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