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Seniors Have Talent: The winners of season 7

Without further ado, we announce the winners of another spectacular season; but wait – first the judges,and a bit about them:

Ms Rashmi Mathur

She was an All India Radio and Doordarshan artist. She has done a diploma in music and was on the jury at Darpan Theater Lucknow. She has also given background music to famous serial Bibi Naatiyon Wali. Rashmiji lives in Delhi and her musical journey is still going on. Actually, not just going on, it’s going very strong!


Mr Vinod Balani

He is very passionate about singing in spite of the fact that he did not have any practical training. He is into the export business and exporting ladies high fashion apparel for many well-known European brands. He really thanks god to have given him a passion for singing which he says gives him peace of mind. Vinodji also lives in Delhi


Mr Pradeep Pathak

Pradeepji lives in Pune and has a great passion for singing. Like the others, he is also a Singing Superstar and is a huge fan of Kishore Kumar.


Mr Biswajit Dhar Chaudhury

He retired as Superintendent of Jal-shakti Mantralaya of the Central Government, and is a Professional Singer and Music groomer of Hindi Songs. 


Mr Ramesh Chattanathan

He is an Ex-Service man from the Indian Air Force. He is very passionate about music of any genre. He is currently based in Hyderabad. 


Mr Rajendra Kumar Sachdeva

He is retired from Delhi High Court. After retirement he is associated with some Law Firms as a legal adviser, also he is voluntarily working with some NGOs. he is very versatile singer and center stage performer, he helps students in coordinating and promoting the music. He is also based near Delhi, in Ghaziabad actually.


Our 12 Winners:


 Mr Urjit Suresh Tipnis

He is very passionate about music and songs and has conducted six live stage shows. His other interests are Watching TV serials and Music shows. Spiritual Reading, Cooking and selling of Diwali snacks. Wow!


 Ms Jayalakshmi Nagarajan 

She started singing when she became a grandmother. So sweet. She enjoys singing and learning different kinds of songs, like Bollywood and Bhajans


Ramesh Samtani

He has retired as an Executive Director from Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. He is an Author, Engineer, Business Manager, Motivator and Trainer

with four decades of experience in the Oil & Gas Sector. Music is boundless energy that refreshes him.


Vijay Kumar Sharma

He is a businessman. He believes music is everywhere. His Interests other than singing are Drawing, Painting and Fixing computers.


 Mr Ajit Lilani

Music is his favourite hobby and his best companion, he says. His other hobbies are cooking and traveling.


 Ms Seetha Jayaraman

She is a Professor of Linguistics by profession and has been teaching in

different countries for over 15 years. She is trained in Carnatic classical

music and likes all genres of music and fine arts. She is joining us from

Toronto in Canada.


 Amitabha Ghatak

He retired as a General Manager from the Steel Authority of India Limited, and it’s obvious that he loves his music.


Sanjeev Karajgi

He is a Pharmaceutical Management Professional with over 30 years of experience in Pharma & medical device marketing in India & abroad. He also conducts online quizzing sessions for Children & Adults.


Praful Anant Sane

He is a Textile Engineer and performs at Karaoke Stage Shows.


 Racherala  Radhakrishna

He is a General Medicine Physician by profession and a singer by passion.


 Sham Lal

He is a civil engineer and retired from Punjab, the PWD B&R. His interests other than singing are playing the Guitar, Harmonium & Keyboard


Mr. Ratan Panandiker

Ratanji is from Margao in Goa and has a very keen interest in music. 

Most importantly, as we always say on the Seniors Have Talent show; EVERYONE who took part is a winner. We thank you for your cooperation, spirit and sheer youthful exuberance that makes this show so special!


Till next season; keep singing , keep happy!

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