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Boost Your Energy Levels Naturally

Simple tweaks here and there in your day can help you stay energised 

Many factors can contribute to a constant feeling of being tired and drained out. It can be something that you ate, or may be lack of physical activity, or stress and anxiety. Living a sedentary lifestyle can often make one feel mentally drained out and physically lethargic. 

With many people feeling drained out due to stress, anxiety, over eating… there is a need to keep the energy levels up more than ever. There is a simple solution to getting the juices flowing and feeling energised throughout the day. While is it normal to experience highs and lows of energy throughout the day that can be fixed naturally.

Here are nine ways to boost your energy levels naturally

1. Adequate sleep – Getting plenty of sleep can help one stay healthy mentally as well as physically. When you don’t get enough of sleep you tend to have a lethargic day and be groggy. It is essential to get at least seven to eight hours of good night’s rest to feel charged up for the day. If you are having trouble sleeping you can try to improve your sleeping habits by following a bedtime ritual that will help you sleep better.

2. No more stress – Stress is a factor that will drain out your energy levels with you realising it. This happens when you focus too much on overthinking and stressing about something that is not your present. Be in the present, appreciate the small things in your life. Stress is in your head so don’t let it get to you. If you are unable to  control your thoughts then try practising meditation. It will help you stay calm and focus on the present. 

3. Exercise – Your daily workout will help you stay energised throughout the day. When you exercise your body releases endorphins that help set the tone of the day. You don’t need to do extensive workout, simply going out for morning walks will help you charge your mind and body. Sedentary lifestyle is something that you should stay away from, the more you move around the better it is for your wellbeing.   

4. No smoking – Smoking reduces the efficiency of your lungs and it is one of the worst things for your health. Due to the reduced efficiency of the lungs, which over time that affect the oxygen circulation in the body that leaves one feeling drained out. If you are a smoker than try to replace it with a nicotine patch or use an e-cigarette that will give you a sense of smoking. However, when you quit it will boost your energy levels and improve your cardiovascular health.

5. Limit alcohol – Drinking alcohol regularly can leave you feeling dehydrated and disoriented. While having a peg of drink or two may help you relax for a bit but it is certainly not going to help you boost your energy levels. Also, heavy drinking before your bedtime can disrupt your sleep as well as leave you feeling drained out the next day. Hence avoid day drinking, instead keep a bottle of detox water handy. It will keep you refreshed and hydrated throughout the day. 

6. Healthy diet – Following a healthy diet plan is essential when it comes to feeling energised. When you consume foods that are nutritious and fibre dense you will notice that your energy levels are up. Whereas when you choose foods that are processed, sugary or fried it can spike up your blood sugar levels leaving you lethargy and drained out of energy. So, incorporate more of wholesome food and reap the benefits.

7. Limit sugar Craving for sugary foods from time to time is something nobody can resist. While it is ok to indulge in sweets from time to time. However, it is best avoided as much as possible. Eating sugary foods can provide you with an instant burst of energy but it may not last very long, in fact in no time you will begin to feel that your energy level has drained out. Try to limit your sugar intake as it has the potential to drop your energy levels. 

8. Drink plenty of water – Drinking 6-8 cups of water is essential to keep yourself hydrated. When you don’t drink enough water, it affects your brain functioning, moods as well as your energy levels. Also, it is advised that one should sip water throughout the day .

9. Socialise – Catching up with friends is important for your wellbeing. When you surround yourself with loved ones you will automatically feel energised and feel good about yourself. Join a club, pick up new hobbies, try to mingle in the park. If you aren’t as outgoing or if your friends and family are at a distance, connect with them digitally. Video call them or set up a fun date with friends and family online. If nothing works then you can always phone a friend. The idea is to stay connected. 


To keep your energy levels up it requires a little bit of everything. When you are well rested, you will enjoy your morning walk, maybe even mingle with people around. When you are feeling good there is no stress involved. When you don’t stress you eat well and mindfully. Making small positive tweaks here and there can help you stay energised at all times. 

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