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7 Healthy Lifestyle Tips for Senior Women

Self-nurture your mind, body and start where you are

At 60 we let ourselves off the hook and tend to make fewer efforts towards our wellbeing. Whereas it should be the other way round. The key to turning the tables to feeling fabulous and fierce is to trick your mind and body. At first making any change may seem daunting but once you take a step forward to doing and getting things done you will find yourself more happy and content than ever. You cannot bring changes overnight but you can make small changes one day at a time.

Here are 7 healthy lifestyle tips for your wellbeing and longevity

  1. Start where you are – Free yourself from the thought “what others will say”. Everybody is thinking about themselves so you can go easy on yourself. This is your life and you make your choices. It is never too late to do something that brings your joy. Start where you are, better late than never.Start where you are - Seniors Today
  1. Live with a purpose – For some aging diminishes the sense of living with a purpose. But you need to reignite the spark and find a purpose. Living with a purpose will motivate you towards a better life. It will help you expand your boundaries and make you feel worthy. The purpose could be anything – make a bucket list of all the things you missed out on, plan a trip with your girls, travel, run a marathon, take part in the walkathon and like. Living without a purpose will leave you feeling depressed, lonely and demotivated. Hence more emphasis on living with a purpose.  Live with a purpose - Seniors Today
  1. Keep yourself occupied – Do things that give you pleasure. Often it’s the little things that we do bring us immense joy such as playing crossword puzzle on the last page of the newspaper, reading or perhaps rereading your favorite book, trying out some simple DIY projects off the net, watching old movies and like. When you have a busy day you feel good about yourself and it will prevent negative thoughts from pulling you down.Keep yourself occupied
  1. Break the monotony, trick your mind – Daily routine can feel boring and monotonous when you have so much of free time in your hands. Doing the same activity day after day can make anybody feel dull and is the very cause of resistance. Plan your week with various activities that you enjoy. This will not only break monotony but also trick your mind into getting things done. It could vary from two days of yoga a week to an hour-long spa day a week to going for a movie a week and so on.Break the monotony, trick your mind
  1. Embrace aging – The correct attitude will help you live a longer and happier life. Look at the brighter side of aging – control over time, wisdom, you are more relaxed and the freedom to live life according to you. You can devote your time to what makes you happy. You have seen it all and yet there is so much more to see.Embrace aging
  1. Wear flattering clothes – What you wear has an effect on how you feel about your appearance. Wearing well-fitted clothes will make you feel more confident about yourself. You don’t need to hide behind your oversized clothes nor do you need to wait until you get fit. In fact, fit you may not look much different than the present you. Wearing well-fitted clothes is about honoring your body and feeling comfortable under your skin. You know your style and it’s about time you own it.Wear flattering clothes
  1. Take responsibility for your own wellbeing – You need to consciously make efforts to build the lifestyle you desire. It is important to let go of the tendency towards making the least effort instead motivate yourself to make smaller changes each day. In the long run these smaller changes will help your rediscover yourself.Take responsibility for your own wellbeing

Live it up and have some fun. Age is just a number after all.

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