Saturday, May 21, 2022

Creative Corner – Poetry & Short Stories

Here are a couple of poems by Santhanam Krishnan:


When I get out of bath
I grab a towel to dry

first the head hair and scalp,
ears and face, then the chest,

the stomach and sliding down to
legs, front and back, till toes..

then a sweep on my back;
after all these, each hand takes
turn to help dry the other,
full, at last in that order….

a selfless natural routine, all
in full action – not in talk

manifesting a moral,
there is a selfless self in
our selfish selves!



Old moms are
like seashores,
that pine for
ever active waves
to stay, giving
company to drive
away her emptiness

a wishful dream
that seldom happens
as, children, like
waves, come to
her for a while
make merry, rest
eat and go
in their ways
leaving her bereft
like a beach

never to complain
suffer in silence
quenching her thirst
for loving company
in memories alone.





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